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Recent content by nightrider1

  1. nightrider1


    I'm in I''l even help w cleanup:p
  2. nightrider1


    FA is over still seeking new players thanks Night
  3. nightrider1

    Fellowship Adventure

    i am most disapointed by the timing .ending in the middle of the afternoon cost us at least the ability to finish the third lvl .people do have other real life demands
  4. nightrider1


    As our name implies we are a laid back but active group with several openings supportive and gregarious first rule is have fun Please apply or contact any of our mages Nightrider
  5. nightrider1

    Not a Bug Credited for quests not yet completed

    it is now snowing in a certain place freebies;)
  6. nightrider1

    Elvenar down?

    theyve called in the troops big fix
  7. nightrider1

    Elvenar down?

    the new fix f d everything
  8. nightrider1

    us o no login

    site down
  9. nightrider1

    Discussion Chapter 17 - Traders of Unur - Discussion

    After reading thru this thread i have come to the conclusion as follows. for the first time skip the quest ,keep 1 large ship each have as many small as space allows and complete the tech tree. anything else is a waste of resources thank you all for helping me reach this conclusion Nightrider
  10. nightrider1

    wont load

    great response from the team
  11. nightrider1

    Important Loading issues

    All good thanks for rapid response
  12. nightrider1

    Important Loading issues

    yes all i get is a tree breakdown explaining elvanar
  13. nightrider1

    wont load

    anyone else experiencing difficulty?all i get is verbal tree explaining elvanar thanks
  14. nightrider1

    NooPessure recruiting

    Laid back but very active fellowship looking for several recruits .check us out and /or contact me if this is your style of game life . looking forward to having a conversation with you Night Rider 1
  15. nightrider1

    City Development (or Decisions, Decisions, Decisions)

    prime city rule.keep it square