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Recent content by Queen of Beltane

  1. Queen of Beltane

    Help Can't make In App Purchases

    For several weeks I have been unable to make purchases. I get the "Yoda" that says something went wrong with the purchase please try again. My purchases for special packages during the last event, and during the FA worked, but I can not complete a regular purchase. I've seen mention of...
  2. Queen of Beltane

    Other Comments Warning window when accepting 0 and 1 star trades

    Could they be ugly trades set up within a Fellowship? I've had fellows help me by asking for ugly trades where they can unload excess goods, and it helped me gain goods before I could fend for myself. I see a lot of bad trades as well, but always hope it's a fellowship thing.
  3. Queen of Beltane

    Daily Gift bug

    It depends on how many units are in your two-star units vs. the one-star units you're fighting. Also, the pentagonal chart only goes so far regarding advice in troop alignment. It doesn't tell you who gets targeted the most or who can withstand the most abuse regardless of the types of troops...
  4. Queen of Beltane

    Can't Collect from Sleeping Titan

    Never mind, solved it. I didn't know that my shard bar was full.
  5. Queen of Beltane

    Can't Collect from Sleeping Titan

    I have been unable to collect the rune shard for over 12 hours despite it being complete. The shard appears, but when I go to collect it shows me the full bar with 0 seconds remaining and says it's full.
  6. Queen of Beltane

    Stonehenge artifacts

    That you!
  7. Queen of Beltane

    Stonehenge artifacts

    What does the Wise Golem do? I've seen it several times, and I have the evolution for it, but I haven't had the catalysts to create it yet? I did see the "regular" Phoenix evolution yesterday or the day before, and I may have misread the other Phoenix evolutions. Is there a list somewhere that...
  8. Queen of Beltane

    Stonehenge artifacts

    I was wondering about the evolution of the phoenixes and brown bear. I've seen the evolution for the Coldfire phoenix in the MA, but I only have the Storm and Fire phoenixes in my city and I haven't seen any evolutions for those. Are they just rare? Or do I need to stick to upgrading rather than...
  9. Queen of Beltane

    World map negotiation question

    Oh, joy. Thanks for the help though. It will take me awhile to get there, but I'll get it done.
  10. Queen of Beltane

    World map negotiation question

    Do I just fiddle with my city until it's as clean as the map?
  11. Queen of Beltane

    World map negotiation question

    Thank you very much. I didn't even know this was an option.
  12. Queen of Beltane

    World map negotiation question

    How do I find and reorganize my city. I'm at the end of Chapter 4, but all of my scoutable provinces are 6-8 away and considered "Very Hard" I don't have the armies to fight these yet, and the catering can be excessive. I'd love to know how to better organize my city. I've only been here since...
  13. Queen of Beltane

    New Player seeking Fellowship and Advice

    I have a fair number of truly stupid questions, so if anyone can point me in the right direction or put up with my nonsense. Lease let me know!
  14. Queen of Beltane

    Hello I'm the Queen of Beltane

    I started a couple of days ago, and I'm really enjoying it so far, and I can se all the advice you can give!