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Recent content by Rusty01

  1. Discussion Rise of the Phoenix Cult event discussion thread

    lyapo, the game is pretty boring if one stays within the parameters you describe.
  2. Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    15/35/499/267/3492/4349/1931/148[2020-04-05] (Increase of two expansions, both were premium)
  3. Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    15/35/499/260/3492/4258/1891/146 [2020-04-05]
  4. Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    Great work Max! The obvious question for me is how own squad size compares to enemy squad size and are there significant differences. Do increased AW levels and expansions result in more difficult spire battles (I presume enemy squad size increases as well and if so, at the same rate or...
  5. Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    146 expansions for me. Thank you for looking at this!
  6. Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    15 / 35 / 499 / 258 / 3492 => 4230 / 1879 [2020-03-29]
  7. ES Halls of Ivy (Ten Chest Fellowship) is Recruiting

    We filled our vacancies but we promoted one player to Elvenar Strong and now have two vacancies again. Prefer steel and/or scrolls boots but will consider all! Please contact myself or Elgatz for more information or to apply! - Rusty01
  8. Can't log in

    Keeps going down for me as well. Something isn't right.
  9. ES Halls of Ivy (Ten Chest Fellowship) is Recruiting

    ES Halls of Ivy (Elvenar Strong Academy) is in need of two strong tournament players (1600+ points weekly). We are a top 10 fellowship that has achieved ten chests in the tournament every week since December 2019, usually by Friday evening. We prefer players with a scrolls boost but other...
  10. Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!

    diamonds are forever!
  11. Discussion HTML5 client Feedback

    I'm using Chrome and if I go to the rankings and click on the fellowship rankings, nothing comes up (no visit or view fellowship ability). Players (visit or send message) works fine.
  12. Twilight's Forest seeking steel, scrolls, elixir boosts

    Twilight's Forest (ranked #100) is seeking an active player with boosts in steel, scrolls and elixir, or at least two of the three. Fair trades are required (2 star or higher), daily visits or at least three times a week, tournament participation and production of boosts only. Please contact...