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Recent content by Serena McTavish

  1. Serena McTavish

    Convent Naming Discussion

    Thank you very much
  2. Serena McTavish

    WELCOME ..Villanesque

  3. Serena McTavish

    Triumph of Tides bases

    The artifacts are rotating into the spire next week. I have 2 bases : 1 fully evolved at woodelves ch and 1 with only 4 artifacts at fairy level. I was thinking i could sell the fairy level one and recraft it at my current ch 15 if i got a reasonable number of artifacts from the spire. Then it...
  4. Serena McTavish

    October Contest

    Mystical Glade of Shimmering Fireflies
  5. Serena McTavish

    Pilgrim's Manor sale

    My memory is not the best. I think i ended up in silver, but possibly gold,. Between that and the FA that followed, i picked up an extra dragon tamer and secluded pond. Then, this FA i picked up the 2nd ruins. I have it set up slightly different but similar as the top picture. Im getting full...
  6. Serena McTavish

    Mobile platform spire interface

    Add ability for mobile user to click on a player avatar to display player name. We have multiple players with same avatar so it would be nice to determine which player is where. In addition, whennumber of players exceed 4 at any given waypoint there is a total displayed along with 4...
  7. Serena McTavish

    witches hut or watchful owl bases

    Squeak, squeak
  8. Serena McTavish

    witches hut or watchful owl bases

    I don't have either in my city or inventory. Thanks for confirming. In the past, i usually get the bases pretty quickly so it seemed unusual to go so long before getting the bases. Thank you
  9. Serena McTavish

    witches hut or watchful owl bases

    Hi all, Has anyone recently seen watchful owl or witches hut in crafter? I've looked at the recipes every 6 hours for the last week and haven't seen them yet. It would be helpful to know if others have seen them. Thank you :-)
  10. Serena McTavish

    Donating coins to main hall

    In your city name, you can request what kind of help you want. C is Culture, M is main hall, B is builder hut. That doesn't guarantee people will actually honor that request. I have "B & C only " in my city name yet people relentlessly help my main hall. Haha.
  11. Serena McTavish

    Currently craftable bases

    Which bases are currently craftable? Is there a place I can go to look that up? Thank you