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Recent content by Silvianar

  1. Silvianar

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Thanks Jackluyt but what I meant was they used to have a copy of the adventure map as a map do they not do that now?
  2. Silvianar

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Looks like it's a new map. where can I fine a copy to print?
  3. Silvianar

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Same thing in Gems of Knowledge no update for the FSA since last year I don't know which map to use. anyone know if it's still version F?
  4. Silvianar

    Complete November Diamonds Giveaway

    I don't have a picture or recipe but anyone can do this recipe. We usually have butternut squash pie. You take any pumpkin pie recipe and make it but Substitute butternut squash for the pumpkin. I have people who literally HATE squash who LOVE this recipe, just don't tell them it's squash, lol...
  5. Silvianar


    When is the next FA? I have a member who says one starts on Sept. 17 but find no information on it. Is there one or is it after the Autumn Quest?
  6. Silvianar

    Is there anyway to delete the barracks ... puleeze?

    You can go to support and ask but I don't know of any way to do it. I know if you leave the game the only things you CAN NOT delete or sell are your Main Hall, Barracks & Magic Academy. Sorry
  7. Silvianar

    Ancient World Abbreviations

    I like Victory Springs (VS) and Pyramid of Purification (pyramid) for the Lighthouse of good Neighborhood how about (LHGN)? I never thought about grounds of the orc strategists, mainly because you only get visits there) but I like GotoS. I'll add that to my list. What do you thing about Sunset...
  8. Silvianar

    Ancient World Abbreviations

    Done typos on PT and change on LH & Maze. Thanks, I thought that might help everybody
  9. Silvianar

    Ancient World Abbreviations

    I know that Elvenar does not have abbreviations for their AWs but the players have come up with some we regularly use so I thought you might like them to possibly incorporate into the AWs. They are as follows: Tome of Secrets (TS or ToS) Golden Abyss (GA) Endless Excavation (EE) Needles of the...
  10. Silvianar

    Looking for a Fellowship

    Our Fellowship name is Mystical Phoenix or you can look for my name, Silvianar, under members. I've been playing since 2016.
  11. Silvianar

    Looking for a Fellowship

    Come on over to Mystical Phoenix, we would love to have you.
  12. Silvianar

    Yet another 'Looking for Fellowship' post

    Mystical Phoenix would love to have you. We are an established group of active players who fairly often. Our players play anywhere from 2 times a week to daily. We ask 2 visits to every member per week so some only visit that often. Family always comes first and most of us don't purchase gems...
  13. Silvianar

    Daily Player New to Game

    We have several active players, of those we may miss 1 or 2 days play. We participate in the tournaments, Quests and Fellowship Adventures but are not fanatical about it and they are not manditory. We are small due to loosing several players who either thru advancement, real life or non activity...
  14. Silvianar

    new fellowship (winyandor)

    If you are still looking check out Unleashed Fellowship, we would love to have you. If you look are are interested msg. me in game or apply. Silvianar Mage of Unleashed
  15. Silvianar

    Looking for a new, active FS

    Unleashed would love to have you. We are a small FS looking for active players. Not to many rules and if you look at the OverView we only require 3 visits to all members per week, 2 & 3 star trades, if you can't make visits or will be away for 4 or more days let the Arch Mage or myself know...