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Recent content by Smooper

  1. Smooper

    Zero star trade posts

    Can't fry them without a pan. Might as well talk about what we always talk about until the plug is pulled.
  2. Smooper

    One last gripe...cross tier trades

    I thought about eliminating or reducing to 1 my tier 3 manufactories because I can get the tier 3 goods anytime i look at the trader. I am trying to liquidate the goods as soon as they come in so I will be much more balanced without a surplus of my bonus good.
  3. Smooper

    One last gripe...cross tier trades

    I was stalled in the Spire on Friday for lack of planks. I went to trader and nobody was offering planks. I posted my own trades but they took over 2 hours to get accepted on the Spire ended while I was stuck in the first encounters of the lab. I am trying to test my city for getting to the...
  4. Smooper

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I personally think the name might have been a typo. Perhaps they meant to call it Discourse.
  5. Smooper

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I really dislike the lack of color and images in the Elvenar Discord server. There was an unofficial Elvenar server which was way better. You could add links and post images. It was nice but not as good as the Forum for finding information. There were people there who could answer questions...
  6. Smooper

    One last gripe...cross tier trades

    Cross tier trades have always annoyed me but now I loathe them. Things are fine in my Fely world. I have a good fellowship and go a military route there. Goods aren't needed often and urgently there. My ch. 5 catering city in Harandar is a different story. Don't make a huge amount of goods...
  7. Smooper

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I have already looked at a free site that says unlimited posts and supports video links etc. If anyone wants to contact me about doing some trials with a new forum to see what it will and won't do, you know how to reach me. As I have said before I have run forums before but it was mainly for...
  8. Smooper

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    When you play games like my son does with multiplayer capabilities it is required to be able to communicate with your teammates real time. I play Minecraft on muliplayer servers and using voice chat was very useful for doing things. Not as important with Elvenar but could be used to chat with...
  9. Smooper

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    One of the best features of Discord is its voice channels. I use them often and will call my son on Discord instead of using a phone number. Discord runs in the background on his computer when he is playing and he sometimes doesn't have his phone but even if he did Discord is there also.
  10. Smooper

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I don't understand how to make posts in certain topics on the Discord. I don't see a way to post in "forum-discussions" or in "questions-and-answers". Even though I do like Discord and have used it to great advantage in other games, I don't see how it will work here. We are being split apart...
  11. Smooper

    Is an end game city better going to full negotiating in tournaments instead of fighting??? What do you think?

    My costs to do 12 provinces as a ch. 5 city are way lower. This is very dependent on your chapter level so it is hard to compare everyone's experience. I feel I would have no problems doing 15 provinces when my city is fully optimized but I am balancing wanting to cater the Spire also. Once...
  12. Smooper

    Way too much time between Spire "platforms" -

    Yeah, I have to say using time instants is not a drain. I have 650 5 hr instants right now and that keeps going. I do the Spire in one shot opening all doors with instants. I don't know if my stockpile is just from the Spire or not but I have only made time instants a couple times since I...
  13. Smooper

    Does anyone create cities just to have a theme?

    I personally don't have the time but would love to create a city just to have all of the same type of building. Maybe based on a season or a type of architecture. Do you have one or know someone who does? I would love to see it.
  14. Smooper

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    You are very passionate about your complaints, I will give you that. I am sure Inno spent many, many hours thinking about this decision. Let us say it was a money saving decision, can you suggest a way Inno can save money (stay solvent) and also keep this forum running?
  15. Smooper

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    So you realize that are closing these forums which they probably host on their own servers and purchased the software. Now they will communicate with you via Discord which they won't pay for and don't have to host. I am suggesting if you want a place that works like a forum for the game...