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Recent content by SoggyShorts

  1. SoggyShorts

    how would you re-do?

    Link worked for me. Culture seems fine sitting at just 600 over what you need for 160% bonus. My only question would be the lack of merc camp & training grounds. That's 66% fewer troops than you could be producing.:oops:
  2. SoggyShorts

    Time Between Events

    Nah, the proof [that blossoms are in most cases better than buds] is in the fact that you "save your blossoms for later rounds" when fights get harder and you need better troops.
  3. SoggyShorts

    Trader Hide unfair trades coming from outside the FS

    So they would still be visable by everyone, just on another tab? Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the issue. There will always be a few players who are willing to pay price gauging rates so if anyone can see them then the practice of snatching up all of the 1:1 sentient trades and reposting for...
  4. SoggyShorts

    Open Main Hall vanished when upgrading

    *snatches sweets* ... *returns sweets out of guilt* ... Just kidding, *snatches sweets again*
  5. SoggyShorts

    Time Between Events

    It's not that you need to agree with me, you just have to be right. The fact that being right puts one in agreement with me is simply a happy coincidence. Also, you don't get to be bitter about losing a fight that you started and were then too stubborn to admit you were wrong (until you admitted...
  6. SoggyShorts

    New Game Features Large Ferris Wheel

    14x12 and more than 7 of each.
  7. SoggyShorts

    Time Between Events

    @Eudaemonia It's unfortunate that you believe that's what happened. Perhaps I went too far in my explanation of why your usage was confusing and idiosyncratic. I didn't mean to come off as condescending or whatever got your back up, I just offered examples and the grammar usage as further data...
  8. SoggyShorts

    Time Between Events

    Ummm they're not funny, they're great! It's like I'm hugging myself all the time. ;) Re: Nerf as a colloquialism: Of course it is for "to weaken", I meant Nerf as "to throw" is not. I guess my wording made that unclear.
  9. SoggyShorts

    Time Between Events

    Indeed, and realistically if you are in a Gold Spire FS you are getting a lot of crafting ingredients so you should be crafting fairly often. The most important badge is arguably the Arcane Residue which you can therefore assist with by doing what you should be doing anyways.
  10. SoggyShorts

    Discussion Elvarian Games discussion

    You need 260 points, and chests cost 19-30 and some give back currency. Doing all of the quests and logging in for 5 minutes per day to get eh daily quest and collect 6 drops gives ~5K which is enough for 19 points per, so you'd need to be rather lucky. Add in the welcome letter, an ashen...
  11. SoggyShorts

    Time Between Events

    I was just trying to help, no need to try and get all AJ on me. But if you insist: For something to be a colloquialism more people than just you have to use it that way. In gaming parlance "to Nerf" has a very specific usage and yours was totally wrong. In fact in any context "To Nerf" never...
  12. SoggyShorts

    Time Between Events

    Try this: Cross-reference the top FA fellowships with the FS that make 10+ tournament chests. Already you'll find that there are far more 10- chest FS than top FA FS. Then, of those few 10-chest FS who do rank highly in the FA check and see if FA participation is mandatory. You'll find there...
  13. SoggyShorts

    Time Between Events

    To Turf something in this context would be to throw it away, Nerf never means that, and it that is not a colloquialism here (or anywhere) To Nerf is to reduce in power, to "weaken", as in to make a real gun into a NerfTM weapon that only shoots foam darts instead of bullets. Nerf is not used...
  14. SoggyShorts

    City Goddess of Wishes - Make the Rewards Scalable

    Not the same people afaik. Scaled? Yes. Scaled well? No.
  15. SoggyShorts

    City Goddess of Wishes - Make the Rewards Scalable

    Pretty horrible. A workshop needs about 55 sq for pop+culture+itself+roads With 4x3h + 1x9h collects from a workshop with a PoP and a modest PT you are getting 30K supplies per sq Even low end with 2x 9h and no PoP it's 7K Edit: also the goddess needs a road so it's 5 sq, not 4:(