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Recent content by SoulsSilhouette

  1. SoulsSilhouette

    Crowdsourcing changes to Enar's embassy?

    well, I just really really hope that they make enar more relevant for me. I would rather pet food than rune shards in all my worlds. But I'm probably alone in that. I don't mind the catering costs, it is what it is and I've dealt with that from the beginning so I don't really notice it all...
  2. SoulsSilhouette

    Crowdsourcing changes to Enar's embassy?

    @Pheryll I wasn't suggesting 7 pet foods a week, although I would love it ... I have all the Pheonix, the bears, etc. Thats a lot of pet food ...lol However, I would be happy with the number was increased with the levels... It would make those builds more relevant and more attractive to new...
  3. SoulsSilhouette

    Crowdsourcing changes to Enar's embassy?

    @Alram I used to have Enar in my Khel City. It's a beautiful build, BUT it takes up too much space for what it eventually produces. I don't need rune shards because I can't use them before my storage is full. Yes Timon did say they were going to increase the storage when they changed things...
  4. SoulsSilhouette

    Crowdsourcing changes to Enar's embassy?

    Inno nerfs but they rarely add an effect that will significantly benefit the game. Personally I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Enar produce PET FOOD. Then I would build it because then I could feed more of my hungry little pets.
  5. SoulsSilhouette

    Cultural bonus

    The cultural bonus increases your productivity.
  6. SoulsSilhouette

    Quests Eliminate ridiculous and wasteful quest

    It doesn't matter what I ask for @The Fairy. Inno doesn't give a toss for my opinion. I would just like every quest to be declinable. Thats all. Not so much to ask.
  7. SoulsSilhouette

    Quests Eliminate ridiculous and wasteful quest

    I want the prize to reflect the requirements. I agree with Ashrem in that respect. I want the ability to decline ANY quest I choose. I'm also tired of the quests that ask for a one day production when I can't do that if I upgrade my manu's passed level 23. Make those quests reflect the...
  8. SoulsSilhouette

    Why are you part of the Elvenar universe?

    I've been here a long time. I have always liked this game. When farmville (yes I know) started to die out for that stupid Farmville 2, I started playing. I've always loved the art of the game and I liked that if I left for two days, someone didn't plunder all the booty from my city, like they...
  9. SoulsSilhouette

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    I do the fellowship adventures for the fellowship, not because I love it anymore. I used to really look forward to it. I liked DIFFERNT maps. Now they just mail it in for the part that made it interesting and increase the cost of badges. AND NO the amount of diamonds spent is not an...
  10. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebels and Misfits are looking for some active players who fit!

    Hello Elvenarians! We are looking for active players. We are a group of people who play regularly, but not necessarily daily. We participate in everything. We trade and visit. There are no big requirements except that you enjoy your game and you communicate what you need. We all help one...
  11. SoulsSilhouette

    oh wise one

    I guess I should be happy there isn't a ''chronic complainer" moniker because I would have had that one AGES ago. LOLOLOL
  12. SoulsSilhouette

    oh wise one

    You probably got "loquacious one" because you tend to be ummmm, how to say this... WORDY. lol
  13. SoulsSilhouette

    News City movement

    @defiantoneks I'm glad you were finally moved.
  14. SoulsSilhouette

    Are Sentient Factories able to fulfill 1-Day Production Quests?

    In Sentient Factories you do not have a 1 day option. You can craft elixir for 3 and 9 hour options and the 3 and 9 hour option for silly soap. I have never had them satisfy a one day quest, so I don't know.
  15. SoulsSilhouette

    News City movement

    I think what would help is that new cities are put next to really active cities in those empty spaces. Those of us who visit everyone at least once weekly (I try for three in my Khel city because that is my biggest most advanced city) would help with the growing pains of new players. They...