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Recent content by Swordkin

  1. Swordkin

    Is it possible to not fight?

    I would say it is highly possible. i think most people cater their way through most encounters
  2. Swordkin


    I was supposed to go on a date yesterday(friday), but at 3 pm she wrote me that she was stuck in a meeting and that she didnt know when it would end, ending with a "sorry". I thought it would just mean going out later in the day, but apparantly it meant to cancel. then i proposed sunday as a...
  3. Swordkin

    Help "Spare time Activity" ?

    Its like making groceries with a workshop, spare time activities are a "production" on one of your guest race buildings.
  4. Swordkin

    2022 Dawn of the Phoenix League Numbers

    World Event Ends Iron Bronze Silver Gold Beta Arendyll 18h 47m 83 223 282 460 Winyandor Felyndral Khelonaar 18h 59m 79 222 286 412 Elcysandir 18h 59m 81 223 282 452 Sinya Arda 16h 57m 77 222 280 433 Ceravyn 18h 00m 77 256 281 427 Harandar 18h 59m 69...
  5. Swordkin

    No residences hack?

    I had not cosidered there might be a ceiling for scouting, @crackie so i cant park forever doing events, thats a good point. And i think i will do wonders yes @Lelanya !
  6. Swordkin

    No residences hack?

    Okay thank you both, ive been thinking long and hard about how to get an edge on my peers. so i might try this out at some point. possible at the end of Chapter 5.
  7. Swordkin

    No residences hack?

    Hello hello. Im playing with the thought of parking in a chapter for a long time, to focus on spire, wonders and tournaments. and i have this idea, that if i build my city to produce as much as i can fit in. and then delete/teleport, away ALL my residences. and then use the free space for...
  8. Swordkin


    The system is like this because elvenar US has 8 servers, and they diamonds are bound not to the servers. but the US domain, there are many other domains(contries) where there is only one server on one domain, and hence the fairness you speak of. So its not that this is the intended way for...
  9. Swordkin

    Any obsessives out there track FA badges?

    My apologies @satchmo33 i have a tendency to assume gamers genders as male, even if there is pictures of women in dresses. i spent alot of my time in WoW, and there about 95% of female characters were male players. So im damaged sorry..
  10. Swordkin

    Any obsessives out there track FA badges?

    This works if youre the AM @ajqtrz but @satchmo33 said it wasnt his fellowship, just the one he was in. So i would like to offer e simpler approach. Monitor the fellowships that meet your goals, all the canine ones as @ajqtrz would put it. When an opening arises, make a friendly message to the...
  11. Swordkin

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    Im hoping to stay in silver league atleast. I spent all currency today, since today had the best prize for me. Im in chapter 4 so must buildings this time just gives crappy supplies. i earned about 3k essence from quests, and won another 1,2k from chests. So i cant ask for much more. time will...
  12. Swordkin

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    @Tehya1 Okay thanks for confirming my fears, this is the first event where i was in from the start.. i think i have spent my currency sort of good. but its hardly difficult doing all quests in 20+days, so i expect many to rise to my level if speed is taken from the equation. i have 162 feathers.
  13. Swordkin

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    I hit the quest lock today, does that mean i can only do one quest per day now? i kinda hoped there was a prize for speedy progress, but that doesnt seem to be the case.
  14. Swordkin

    Legislation against the Shanty Town Season in Elvenar Cities

    I love building a huge slum and beeing competitive dispite having a small city. And if we didnt do the slum thing, when would we ever use all our teleports!
  15. Swordkin

    Warning window when accepting 0 and 1 star trades

    Unfair trades have the purpose of helping smaller cities to perform magic with little cost to big players. It depends on the fellowship attitude but imo its helpfull often both to the new player and the fellowship, if you funnel 5-10k t1 and 2 goods to a ch3 player, and they make it to the top...