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Recent content by Talaedraiia

  1. So you've just been moved

    No, not looking to trade my fs that I share with Henroo, but thank you
  2. So you've just been moved

    @Tehya1, do you have a city in Winyandor and if so what fellowship are you in? The reason I’m asking is that I think I have just discovered you as a new neighbor. If it’s you, I am northeast of you and in the middle of a pretty active hood which I was just recently moved into
  3. Help Sentient goods

    I’m in chapter 15 and still have just one of my t4 boosted manu and didn’t have any problem in chapter 13, but I used PPs to quickly finish. I also use enchantments when I need a little extra
  4. World map Centers

    I play on an iPad and can’t figure out how to find where I am in proportion to the center . Could some one please look me up and let me know how close I am. I am located in Winyandor
  5. Gems of Elvenar

    If I had to choose one thing it would be to concentrate on the guest races, but whatever you do will be greatly appreciated
  6. Did the game just crash?

    I get the shrug internet connection, standard response. I think it is because of everyone hitting the pit hot and heavy today
  7. FA Shantytown Gallery

    i play on an iPad and tried to post a screensho, but got message that file was too big. .
  8. Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Thank you for the information. I was just coming back to edit my post as I had just discovered the tabs
  9. Teleport Building Question

    How it goes into storage is how it comes back
  10. Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    I just got stage 3 and total count when I clicked on your link. Would really appreciate stage 1 and 2 if possible. Miss elvengems very much
  11. City Editing Tool

    I’m mobile and elvenarchitect just loads half of my city and I’ve searched and can’t find any emulator app that will help me. If you know of one that works on an iPad, I would really appreciate it if you would give me the name of it.
  12. Help Optional Squad size research.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what buildings you are talking about. Are they AWs, event buildings or what? Also, how are they affected?
  13. Discussion The Buried City

    Those are drone riders
  14. Other Fellowship lists should show both Player counts and Active Player counts

    Apparently browser players can see FS members status, but how do mobile players see the status of their FS members?
  15. Ultimate creatures

    Thank you @iamthouth