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Recent content by The Fairy

  1. The Fairy

    Province completion speed?

    Thanks for explaining @SoggyShorts !
  2. The Fairy

    Province completion speed?

    @Iyapo1 thought the difficulty of a province got fixed as soon as it was scouted so it would be best to wait scouting until you want to clear it if you want it to be as cheap as possible?
  3. The Fairy

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @OIM20 ranking points are calculated from: * Amount of culture and pop a building use * Amount of kp invested in a wonder * Map provinces *Some wonders give additional ranking points I have never paid much attention to ranking points but instead focused on tourney ranking, spire ranking, FA...
  4. The Fairy

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    So far I am closing my eyes for this and levelling wonders and playing through chapters. I may regret it as it may end up hurting my tourney performance, but if I stop developing my city then I am pretty sure I would quickly lose interest.
  5. The Fairy

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    That sounds like a complete waste of kp? At least to me it is waste of kp to fill kp in a wonder just to sell it:(
  6. The Fairy

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

    But the days are different: Sunday: spire starts Tuesday: tourney starts Friday: spire ends Saturday: tourney ends
  7. The Fairy

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @OIM20 https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/new-knowledge-sharing-perk-for-fellowships.17099/
  8. The Fairy

    spire fellowship rewards

    Cumulative: Here is a fs from beta:
  9. The Fairy

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

    Maybe only those 3 spells count cause that is what the badge description says? And maybe inno designed the badge description this way cause in earlier versions of the FA we had those 3 badges:
  10. The Fairy

    Divine seeds production amount questions

    Your traders seeds production depends on your MH level, the amount of scouted provinces and how many wonder levels you have:
  11. The Fairy

    Voting Fellowship Adventure Badges Placed Report

    I would like an easy way to see who has not placed a badge yet as we try to wait for everyone such that everyone can get the stage rewards. I would prefer the yes/no format: Some of my fs push hard and all waypoints tend to be completed fast, so a "competition" for who is placing most badges...
  12. The Fairy

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    Why is it so important with this start of cycle? It is a cycle, and who says it starts with steel and ends with gems? What defines the start? I don't remember when I started playing in my different cities but I doubt I started with a steel tourney in all my cities.
  13. The Fairy

    help clear the Fog in my brain

    May I ask what this is?
  14. The Fairy

    Forwarded Tournament Score Display

    Is it that bad to have a zero compared to 30? Some fs prefer 0 over 30 since if someone does 30 every week then they get all the fs rewards without helping getting them. And if an fs doesn't have any tourney requirements then why should anyone be ashamed of zero?