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Recent content by UsJoy88

  1. Dragon Rider Recruiting!

    I'm seeking other members that can help me start an active fellowship!! My goal is to have a 10 chest per week FS! So I'm looking for other members that want to join a fellowship that can maintain an average score of 1600+ per week More than likely we will need to start out with push weeks...
  2. Dragon Abbey

    I'm pretty sure it is so that people can NOT abuse the Dragon Abbey by "Using" the combining catalyst and canceling. They could working on so many other things, I would hardly call this an issue.
  3. Helping Neighbors Tool

    Yes!! It is a great addition!! Now we just need to be able to put a short note of what we want from our fellows as a request (Whether it be "B/C/MH", "C/B/MH" or "MH/C/B" etc (Builder/Culture/Main hall) As for the actual "Neighbors", like in the trade list, is there a way to make a list for the...
  4. Seeking 10 chest fellowship!

    /Edit, I'm hopeful I can create a 10 Chest FS. I can not delete this? Message me if you wish to help create a 10 chest fs with me! Planks Scrolls Magic Dust
  5. Looking for a new fellowship!

    Currently in a 5-6 chest a week tourney, I'm looking for 7+ (Doesn't have to be 10 yet, just a bonus) Boosts: Planks/ Scrolls/ Magic Dust I do a lot of cross tier trades ( I Usually spend my magic dust) (I Have 7 planks/3 scrolls/3 magic dusts factories) I'm looking for a fellowship that needs...