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Recent content by WHISPER-MEMORY


    Just talking about the game!

    The game is very hard especially because of trying to catch a wave with event and join a fellowship. This also means that one must require the skill and technique or ability to learn. We need to focus better on the main aspect and goal of this game. So that everyone can enjoy the game a whole...

    Seeking Fellowship

    Thank you Tradescantia for inviting me to join Ingary Academy.

    So is this a live community?

    Yes I have played this game already, I played Elf first and just was to learn. I hadn't checked out too much stuff yet when I played Elf. Then I check things though but didn't really delve out much. After finding out about trader and it cannot be sold, I had no room and had to start over...

    So is this a live community?

    I just would like to know if any of you are participate in being a fully living community? I am not here to plug my website. I also will not mention my website seeing as I can't for it could be taken as a plug. If any of you like this suggestion for a thread here in general discussion, I...

    Hello My Introduction

    Thank you each for the kind welcome. I hope to enjoy my time playing here.

    Seeking Fellowship

    New member seeking a fellowship, that I can join. I need to join a fellowship in order to play further. I have no real requirements except to be taken in by a nice fellowship. I just started out, well had to learn the game what I have, and I can learn on my own. I am highly skilled when it...

    Hello My Introduction

    Hi, I am Whisper Memory as a type of nickname. I am fairly new to this game and I have checked it out once before. I really enjoy this game, and it is a fully fascinating game. Since I am new to the community I extend my highest tokens and greetings to you each. I don't want to make this...