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Recent content by Xelenia

  1. Xelenia

    Long Time No See

    Thank you She is wonderful Thank you Been hanging in there Missed you all as well It was.. Peaceful haha jkjk Hi
  2. Xelenia

    Long Time No See

    Hey!!!! I feel like I have taken a sabbatical from the forum, how has everyone been? I know you have all been in the great hand of @helya <3
  3. Xelenia

    Artifact Fragments

    Simply been lurking :) I will be tidying up this section sometime this weekend. Xelie
  4. Xelenia

    Trade cycling

    In the spirit of the holiday, I am simply going to close this thread. Thank you to those who all reported. Xelie
  5. Xelenia

    Just A Few Things

    Hello, I am sorry that you are not enjoying the game. There are many guides available around the forum that should help you with some of the problems you have listed above. Unfortunately, I have to archive this post. Only suggestions to improve the game are allowed in this section of the...
  6. Xelenia

    Suggestion Regarding Neighborly Help

    [Moderator Hat Off] You should know better @SoggyShorts. This is how it usually works around here, remember? P.S I hope I still have my moderation job after this :O
  7. Xelenia

    Delete this post

    I will leave this thread since I do have a solution: Report the thread and state you want it to get deleted :P
  8. Xelenia

    Notifications & Neighbor Visits changes. Please add an additional page or separate trades and visits altogether.

    Hello @SeaWolf I hope you are still around the forum! I did receive an additional update on this! The developers are acknowledging the problem caused by the current set up of the notification setup (that is a start!). While they seek a long term solution, they hope to have a short term...
  9. Xelenia

    Add Blueprint Inventory SOMEWHERE

    I have received additional updates on this particular idea. Though the data structure does not make it feasible, the developers will keep investigating how to properly implement the visibility of blueprints in the inventory. Keep in mind this does not mean it will happen anytime soon, simply...
  10. Xelenia

    Finding Places and Hidden Spaces

    Hello, This idea was actually forwarded (forgot to change tag...oops) but I did hear back from the developers..... Though a great concept, It seems this can lead to major performance issues due to the resources allow making the UI/UX work. They do like the idea. It is quite possibly long as...
  11. Xelenia

    Neighbour hood visits (browser version)

    Good Morning @Mykan , I have finally received the long-awaited feedback for this suggestion. Overall, the developers really love the concept (cannot say I am surprised), and find the suggestion quite reasonable and time-worthy to see how it will work with the UI/UX. This is not a guarantee...
  12. Xelenia

    Rename "Ancient Grounds" to "Ancestral Grounds"

    Hello Guys, The developers have passed on this, the value is not seen. Xelie
  13. Xelenia

    Restart: Re-balance spell fragments (SF) between GW and HH. Re-balance SF in Lab to 0%

    Hey guys, heard back on the status on this, and unfortunately, this is a nogo. What I did get out of it though is that they are aware of the abundance issue. Xelie
  14. Xelenia

    Reconstruction Feature

    You are very correct :) Unfortunately, this is a concept that hasd been introduced in the past. Anything that will require " take everything out of your city and rearrange" is a form of storage, even though it may be temporary. Will the developers change their mind in the future, perhaps, but...
  15. Xelenia

    Teleport Land Expansions

    Hello, Here are the many things wrong with the post above and why I will not put it up as a vote if you were to tag me to do so today. I figured I will help guide you to the right direction of how to properly formulate ideas while I am here at the moment doing my rounds. The developers are...