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Recent content by Zoof

  1. Zoof

    Spire Master Interviews with Maximum Effort (Combined Thread)

    I fervently defend my position on what I found out in the wilds. Behold, the face of Evil! Look at me, right in the eyes, and tell me with a straight face that the creature I have showed you isn't made of marijuana.
  2. Zoof

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Last year, we had a somewhat respectable trash panda. A trash panda that could kick your butt if you talked trash to them and do so with grace and style. I didn't get a good look at the graphic (because they were so small) but the smol shots says it's one who embraced their trashiness and went...
  3. Zoof

    Spire Master Interviews with Maximum Effort (Combined Thread)

    And a gator pit with a fully trained pettable gator
  4. Zoof

    Easy Provinces Strategy

    To add to this: Simply scouting the province is where the hurt begins. That's the point in which the costs to actually complete it is locked in and any further scouting costs increase. No matter what you do afterward, the amount of goods/resources it takes to complete that province is fixed, as...
  5. Zoof

    Discussion Sorcerer's Scrolls of Knowledge

    On second thought, it'd probably be better if it was added to a FAQ. It might save some time and headaches and if I insisted on doing reply chains, I might risk people replying back using angry and loud words!
  6. Zoof

    Discussion Sorcerer's Scrolls of Knowledge

    It's a great place to redirect people asking questions that are already answered there; now I won't have to dig around in the forums looking for answers. I especially like how the Fairy Portal question is so often asked that it gets its own dedicated FAQ entry As for me, I'll still answer...
  7. Zoof

    Other Craft recipes for Evolve Artifacts

    Don't let a single bean escape!
  8. Zoof

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    If you can, that is. This is the sort of event where depending on your playstyle, you might max out by doing the things you normally do alone. I took a peek at your city through ElvenStats/ElvenArchitect and found that if you do five 3-hour collections a day from your manufactories and...
  9. Zoof

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    You would hate what I do. It's a high-effort method which means my entire guest race settlement is stranded out in the middle of a sea of brown. A lone beacon against the ocean of poo, populated with a couple of crabs on the outskirts, washed ashore as tidal fecals forced them aground. The...
  10. Zoof

    New Game Features Flying Scouts

    If only we could make them fly and take less time to scout, but alas, I doubt this'll gain much traction. Especially since we already have a way to speed up scouts. Namely: Hop them up on so many speed boosters that for a brief moment in time they become a discount Flash, vibrating themselves so...
  11. Zoof

    Help Fellowship perks

    There's strategic value in maxing out something like Spire or Tournament archive one month, then redistributing those perk points the next month. That works because any archived spire points or tournament points stays put in their respective archives, whether or not the new maximum...
  12. Zoof

    Confirmed Orc Nests not showing Sentients with Pyramid of Purification

    I suppose... Finding who supports Haiku-based support tickets May prove challenging Newly-soulless orcs Processed by the Pyramid Sentients Missing -- or -- Orcs were purified Sentients do not show up A ticket is sent.
  13. Zoof

    Confirmed Orc Nests not showing Sentients with Pyramid of Purification

    Sent support ticket Redeemed instant freedom For great game justice
  14. Zoof

    Help Looking for Advice to Get Easy Provinces Again

    Congrats on hitting the orc wall. Thing is, if you've completed 132 provinces, there's 90 other provinces which don't require orcs. When you view the Province Overview window on the world map (the first two tabs of which is present in both browser and app version), provinces are listed and...
  15. Zoof

    We Need Better Rewards

    I'm a little concerned that if we were to push too hard with asking for Spire rewards improvements, Inno might just turn around and "optimize" "rebalance" the rewards instead. It's happened before.