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Search results

  1. Confirmed Wandering Chapter 1 Quests

    Game version: 1.119.2-82d601f-256(US1.120) Game world: Elcy and Harandor Browser + version: Mobile ? Operating System: Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Account name: Iyapo1 Humans or Elves: Elf Reproducibility: 2/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens...
  2. City Unique Identifier for New Players in Trader

    Summary: Make trades posted by new players easily identifiable in the trader. Details: Depending on coding issues the unique identifier could be linked to chapter or start date. The player's name could be a different color or have a mark since some people are color blind. Pros: Easily...
  3. Help Manufactory base production

    Can someone please share with me a formula for calculating base production on a manufactory? I play on mobile so I can not see the info anywhere in game. Relic boost is 443%, current production is 299 per 3 hour. Could someone please tell me how to math out the base production using this info?
  4. Catering Cost Questions

    I actually have a question about this. In chapter 5 the spire starts asking for T3s. It seriously reduced the drain on my other goods. So in chapters where the spire starts asking for other goods: orcs, mana, seeds, etc. a similar (smaller) reduction will occur but across which tiers? All...
  5. Elvengems

    I play on mobile, exclusively. When I go to elvengems and look up a building, the charts have a bunch of unidentifiable pictures which represent the buildings productions. The symbols can be puzzled out and tracked down. I was just wondering is there a legend or a key anywhere over on that...
  6. Found a home

    Boosted in Marble, Crystal, Gems. Hello. I am seeking a FS for my alt on Elcy. Currently a chapter 4 able to kill the Frog Prince and recently opened enough provinces to score 1.6k weekly in tournaments. My main is a chapter 5 gold spire almost 2.5k tournament average. I am seeking a 10...
  7. Help Elvenarchitect on mobile

    I cannot navigate in Elvenarchitect on a mobile device. Is there anyway to get elvenarchitect to work on mobile?
  8. Spire junky seeking FS on Harandar.

    I started another city on Harandar, just so I could hit the spire more than once a week. Currently in chapter 2. Boosted Planks/Scroll/Dust. It will take me approximately 4 weeks to open the spire and 6 weeks to get to the top. Tournament: 4 weeks to get weekly score over 1.6k Looking for...
  9. New/Former Player Looking for a Home

    Hello All. I was a daily player for about 2 years when life happened. I stopped playing before the woodelves showed up. So, a few years ago. Just started up again exclusively on mobile for the moment. On Elcysander steel, scrolls, elixer. Seeking active fellowship. In chapter 1 so steel only atm.