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Search results

  1. looking for fs

    I dont play on fely but there can not be many gold spire FS, 4 or 5 maybe? Best of luck finding a new home.
  2. The case FOR open trading.

    @BlackthornRaven I dont think we need mods to come in and take action. There is no reason for it. Every single player on this forum has an ignore button. If this bothers you so, use it.
  3. The case FOR open trading.

    Thank you! I dont play on your world, but thank you anyway!
  4. sorry I have been away

    What? I cant hear you? WB and happy new year!
  5. Hello Hello

    @knightshade56 Unfortunately, no. Inno refuses to let us have a solid date. We will get a two day warning.
  6. Confirmed Storyline quests broken

    I just posted on this too. Chapter 1 quests are lost and wandering about.
  7. Confirmed Wandering Chapter 1 Quests

    Game version: 1.119.2-82d601f-256(US1.120) Game world: Elcy and Harandor Browser + version: Mobile ? Operating System: Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Account name: Iyapo1 Humans or Elves: Elf Reproducibility: 2/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens...
  8. Festive May Tree

    Here is a link to another thread where the EE gets mathed. https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/new-tournament-versus-aws.25929/post-199339
  9. Festive May Tree

    Depends on how you play and how you are set up. If you have a supply problem and forget your POP spells then an EE is definitely worth a look. I have my heart set on Prosperity Towers which will make an EE less valuable to me with my play style.
  10. How do I get orcs?

    I am so jealous! I play on mobile so I just have to pay attention to the individual cost and the overall count!!
  11. One Word Reply Game

  12. You might be obsessed with Elvenar if...

    If you time collections so you can reset while in the waiting room at the doctor's office, and then get annoyed when there is no wait!
  13. City Development (or Decisions, Decisions, Decisions)

    lol, I go slow and I am in a ten chest FS with a KP wonder threads. I have a level 27 GA in my main chapter 5 city. It is more than 4x better than a magic residence! I love my Golden Abyss! I am about to slide into dwarves with that one(just waiting for news from beta on the FA or not)
  14. One Word Reply Game

  15. City Development (or Decisions, Decisions, Decisions)

    I actually would recommend crafting a coldfire phoenix and scouting as many provinces as possible during its feeding window. Once you scout all the provinces you need to enter the next chapter sell the phoenix and focus on clearing the provinces you scouted. Do not over scout until you get to...
  16. Other Crafting: Coin Rain Rotation Please

    This sounds like a reasonable suggestion. I am not certain how many players would make use of it, but I see no harm in a pet that helps with this or additional event building that supply primarily coins. I have a stupid number of houses so this is not an issue for me, I will bow out in favor of...
  17. How do you get more diamonds and gold to build your ctiy

    Hey Turan, here is a link to another thread. https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/search-4-diamonds.26022/post-200604
  18. City Development (or Decisions, Decisions, Decisions)

    Looks great and sounds like a solid plan! I agree with putting the expansions on the main hall side, but running down your current open expansions(as maeter said) not running to the left corner. Your human so the rectangles orientation is good. Also, I see by that chess set piece that you use...
  19. Update v1.120 Discussion thread

    Ancient Wonders - When cancelling the construction of an Ancient Wonder while it is not connected to a street, all inserted Runes are now properly reinstated, so that it can be built again. Does this still allow the rune wheel to be cleared by selling the wonder after it is built?
  20. One Word Reply Game