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  1. helya

    Negotiating Too Easy

    Negotiating requires a different game strategy than fighting, but it is not easier. It's often quite expensive. Troops are basically another type of Good in a game where space is a commodity and you're required to have a Barracks and Armories. So any player that has decided to never fight and...
  2. helya

    Closed | Contact Support Residence coin collection bug

    We cannot replicate this, but feel free to contact support if you're still having a problem.
  3. helya

    Developers Working on Scroll Solution

    That comment was directed at a specific suggestion that was off topic, not to this particular thread.
  4. helya

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

  5. helya

    Confirmed A Float of Bubbles - Double Negative

    Thanks for reporting this, we will get that fixed with the next update.
  6. helya

    Cross Breed Mythical Creature Dumbness

    It's only not violence if no one pushes you off that cliff.
  7. helya

    Building animations have stopped?

    This is a known issue and is being worked on. No ETA for a fix at this time.
  8. helya

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    The Phoenix buildings remain in crafting for now.
  9. helya

    New Game Features FA Badge collection made easier

    I just want to pop in and mention that this idea has already been forwarded to the developers, but no response yet. Lets try to be a bit nicer to each other. It's fine to disagree, personal insults are not okay.
  10. helya

    When to Block, and when to Not

    There is no right or wrong for blocking a person, and no one should have to justify why they chose to block a person. I'm closing this thread lest new players to the Forum think they have to meet specific criteria to block someone that is making them uncomfortable. Remember that you all have no...
  11. helya

    When to Block, and when to Not

    Forum members are welcome to block whomever they would like for any reason at all. Obviously if you block everyone the Forum will be a dull place, but there are no rules surrounding when it is appropriate to block someone. People need to do what is necessary for their own sanity. It is not...
  12. helya

    Developers Working on Scroll Solution

    Nothing is set in stone as of yet, but it is an option that is on the table. Please do not shoot the messenger :eek:
  13. helya

    Discussion Update v1.124 discussion

    This is a known issue and is being worked on.
  14. helya

    Developers Working on Scroll Solution

    If you'd like to pursue this idea, you are more than welcome to add it to the ideas and suggestions forum, but I do ask that you not hijack threads to try and push this. We have the suggestions thread specifically to avoid going off topic like this. To address a few other comments here, the...
  15. helya

    Fixed RR's on Mobile

    Royal Restorations have been removed from the display with the 1.124 update. You can still view your balance from your inventory.
  16. helya

    New Game Features Spire Shop

    It's an interesting idea. I think the team might be receptive to this change, but I'm not sure about it being for the Artifacts. It would take time to design and code, so by the time it was all ready to go we'll have already worked through most of the Artifacts in the rotating Spire prize sets...
  17. helya

    Other Fewer events and FAs

    Update - Nightguest and I have already talked with the game developers about Event Fatigue and requested a bit more time between each event, so this has already been forwarded on. We've not yet had any feedback, pro or con, at this time.
  18. helya

    New Game Features Spire Shop

    I'm curious, would this be a replacement for the current chest system? So the random prizes in each chest would move to the Spire shop for players to choose what they'd like? What about the mystery chests? I'm asking because I think the idea does have potential, but I'd like it to be more...
  19. helya

    High level chapters are literally TOO MUCH

    It's all about space and resources. We are to conserve where we can. Imagine if every player had an animated signature and posted gifs. The Forum would be very slow. As we're veering off topic with this, feel free to message me if you're wanting to discuss this further.
  20. helya

    High level chapters are literally TOO MUCH

    They're not offensive, (not all of them anyway) but they are against the Forum rules. If you haven't read the forum rules yet, they can be found here.