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Search results

  1. Closed | Archived Workshops Visual Bug

    v1.95.3-(1344078) (2020-01-13 10:30) Elves Winyandor US server Mozzila Firefox Resolution: High Selected 8 level 2 workshops to produce Simple Tools at once. (checkbox) Collected by click drag. 7 of the 8 turned into a building costume. When began another production, everything went back to normal.
  2. Production Watcher

    Would be great if a tab was added in the Main Hall (or somewhere else) called Production. Under this tab you would be able to see all of the production (supplies, planks, marble etc.) going on in your city and how long is left until each is complete. This would save a lot of time hovering over...
  3. Select multiple buildings

    On browser, it is possible to select all workshops to produce the same good in the form of a tick box - start the selected production in all idle buildings of this type. It would be great if this was also possible with all the other manufactories. (marble, planks etc.)