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Search results

  1. Tajj

    Server Error

    I get a server error when trying to login on chrome. It loads to 11/27 then it pops up the server error. The login page recognizes me with the hello tajj screen, it just won't let me in. The help desk login also says my gmail is not found. Impossible. Nothing has changed so...? This is happening...
  2. Tajj

    An "Active City" tag for "Recruiting Purposes"

    I'm sure that the game is designed to tell who is active and who is not. There must be a time limit within the game that we don't see but alerts the game that this player has gone inactive. We really don't need to know the players last login date, only if they are still active. You have to...
  3. Tajj


    Elcy and Aren have a new FS called, SouthernComfort~Welcome. There are no players yet because there are no rules yet. I don't want new players feeling like they have to use all of their supplies/goods just to participate in tourneys. If more seasoned players join though we will play hard in...
  4. Tajj


    Aren and Elcy have a new FS called, SouthernComfort~Welcome. I have no members yet and it may be due to the fact that I have no rules as of yet. If new players start with my FS I don't want them to feel like they must use all of their goods/supplies just to do tourneys before they are built up...
  5. Tajj

    Active? Or Not?

    I'm inviting new people to my new FS but it really is hard to tell who has an active city. If I see a building upgrading I feel like the player is active. My question is this: Just because you see goods/factories/workshops in use, does the "game" just make it look that way or is the person...