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  1. Elementals

    The Maze of the Dark Matter can greatly increase the amount of Mana one can store, by reducing the overnight decay quite significantly. I guess it's a factor that might have gotten overlooked in this discussion.
  2. Easter 2018 Set Buildings (SPOILERS!)

    It's in the same file which lists the odds of the different items in the NH chests, or the chances of the individual rewards given by the Wishing Wells, along with other percentages visible in-game (like the probabilities of prizes in the event chests).
  3. Easter 2018 Set Buildings (SPOILERS!)

    10 Essence per day is way too low even if you collect only two or three times per day. The eggs usually drop more often than once per hour, and the chances to find in them 1, 2 or 3 Essences is 13:3:1, so on average that makes 1.3 Essence per drop. With the assumption of 20 eggs collected per...
  4. Unusual number appearing in the culture tab of the build menu.

    I think they are simply meant to indicate the chapter in which all these buildings become available, but for some reason they were assigned wrong values. Later edit: On closer inspection, there is a distinct pattern to the labels on the culture items too: the sequence goes I, II, I, I, I, III...
  5. Elementals

    They just corrected the bug in calculating the training times which was introduced two or three updates ago -- training time was rounded down for each single unit rather the whole stack, resulting in differing values for stacks of different types in the same military building. Prior to that all...
  6. [20932]KP spent in AWs counts extra in event

    This bug has already been reported on beta forums a few days ago, but apparently the devs haven't got round to fixing it yet: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/20932-spent-kps-counted-double-for-quest.10337/ Edit: Found an earlier report where they claim it's no longer...
  7. Reduced Scouting Costs failed to work properly

    No worries, and happy gaming!
  8. Reduced Scouting Costs failed to work properly

    What is the first research in Chapter 3 for you? Should be 'Advanced Scouts', it's the same for every chapter released so far (except Ch.1). They are the ones which have locks over them asking you to complete a certain number of provinces before you're able to put Knowledge Points into them.
  9. Reduced Scouting Costs failed to work properly

    It is asking you to research the 'Advanced Scouts' technology of your next chapter.
  10. Reduced Scouting Costs failed to work properly

    By seeing that the scouting costs are decreased. The negotiation costs / enemy army size are automatically determined by the price you pay when starting the scout.
  11. Reduced Scouting Costs failed to work properly

    The tech's effect only applies to provinces you scout after you've researched the tech, not the ones you've already scouted.
  12. Discussion The Tale of Burukbrak and Gaelagil: Continued

    This is correct, except that the number of available Premium Expansions when they removed the cap altogether was 33, which corresponds to the total amount allotted to the 14 Chapters. Here's the quote from the release notes for version 1.11 (point #2 in section "New Features"): This was...
  13. Discussion The Tale of Burukbrak and Gaelagil: Continued

    In this case, it seems you've already bought and placed all 33 Premium Expansions envisaged for the 14 Chapters of the game. One can only wonder what direction the game will take after that, but judging from the devs' comments on this subject, it won't involve enlargement of the playable city...
  14. Discussion The Tale of Burukbrak and Gaelagil: Continued

    Oh yes, I completely forgot about the possibility that the Expansions could have been bought before they introduced the cap. So it's totally possible to have more than the current maximum of 29.
  15. Discussion The Tale of Burukbrak and Gaelagil: Continued

    The Wiki page about Expansions hasn't been updated with the info on Elementals, so the additional 2 Premium Expansions and 1 Tech Tree Expansion aren't listed there yet. The cap on Premium Expansions increases as soon as a new Chapter is released, so if you bought Premium Expansions after the...
  16. Discussion The Tale of Burukbrak and Gaelagil: Continued

    Current breakdown of available expansions: Initial space: 2x3=6 blocks; Obtainable from the Tech Tree: 43 blocks; From provinces: 60 blocks; Buyable with Premium: 29 blocks. Total: 138 versus 12x11=132 (maximum space currently available on the city map). Presumably things will even out by...
  17. Elementals

    Yes, I believe the US server time is indeed the Eastern time.
  18. Elementals

    The decay happens at 4AM server time, both for the European and the US servers. The timer however indicates the decay time of the European server (@Ashrem is correct that when they first introduced Mana into the game, it used to decay at 4AM European time for all servers; they changed it to a...
  19. Thornrose Mages retaliate when attacked from 5 hexes away

    No worries. [Not sure if it's OK to reply in archived threads but decided to risk it anyway.]