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  1. Dreamyn2

    Hello Hi

    Hello @Mont Clair , welcome to the forum! :)
  2. Dreamyn2

    Hello new to forum

    Hello @davidtheh, welcome to the forum :)
  3. Dreamyn2

    Implemented Teleportation Option for Evolving Buildings

    @Lelanya prayers and thoughts for you and yours. :(
  4. Dreamyn2

    Help Questions and Help

    It’s the same on the browser. Music and sounds can only be turned on or off.
  5. Dreamyn2

    Hello Player Introduction

    Hello @SuNaya Dark , welcome to the forum :)
  6. Dreamyn2

    No fair play!

    I have a ch 5 city in Sinya. The barracks are maxed to level 15. I have 1 armory at level 7. I have only the Golden Abyss AW placed, level 3. All optional squad size upgrades were done. I’ve completed 76/100 provinces by negotiating. There are 3 provinces scouted and ready to complete, all are...
  7. Dreamyn2

    In my Magic Academy, what does this mean?

    1K spell fragments and 2 Red Panda artifacts.
  8. Dreamyn2

    Beginners Questions

    So far, Elvenar goes to chapter 18 but the devs are working on more chapters. It is space limited so manage that carefully. The max levels for buildings are chapter based. You’ll be able to level them higher as you progress. For helpful information on the chapters, quests, buildings etc please...
  9. Dreamyn2

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello @DipDude welcome! :)
  10. Dreamyn2

    FS Application

    You can try support. The worst they can do is say no. Yes, 17:25 is 5:25 pm.
  11. Dreamyn2

    FS Application

    Unfortunately no. :( You’ll have to wait. Sorry and ouch!
  12. Dreamyn2

    Do you know how to Archmage?

    To view a prospective member: 1.open the Home screen 2. Select “Players” under the Elvenstats banner. 3. Enter their name under “Player Search”.
  13. Dreamyn2

    Do you know how to Archmage?

    That allows you to view elvenstats under your user name. It’s a quick shortcut to your data or your fellowship’s data.
  14. Dreamyn2

    I just started this game

    Hello @BAD WOLF 5 , welcome to the forum :) Elvenar was released in April 2015.
  15. Dreamyn2

    Hello Hello

    Hello @Drho , welcome to the forum! :)
  16. Dreamyn2

    Do you know how to Archmage?

    Try looking up your player name and select the fellowship you wish to view.
  17. Dreamyn2

    Do you know how to Archmage?

    For new recruits, use elvenstats.com to check if they’re active, their boosts, chapter level, etc. :)
  18. Dreamyn2

    Do you know how to Archmage?

    Open the fellowship list of members, select their name, select expel member.
  19. Dreamyn2

    Active late ch2 planks/silk/dust seeking fs

    Winds of Summer, US1 Arendyll, has an opening. We are a casual, non competitive fellowship. Tournaments, events, spire and fellowship adventures are all optional. :) We are open join or I can send an invite.
  20. Dreamyn2

    Hello Greeting to all!

    Hello @Djoe welcome to the forum :)