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Search results

  1. Looking for a new fellowship.

    Hi, I am a player on US1-chapter 15-ranked 702 Boosted in steel, scrolls, dust, gum, velvet and cosmic. I am looking for a friendly fellowship who actively participates in the FA, achieves silver occasionally in the spire, regularly gets 9-10 chests in the tournament.
  2. No Longer FS-Less in Sinya ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)

    Goodfellow Meadows needs a member. We complete. All three stages- all three path in the first stage, usually 2 path on the second stage and then we finish as much as we can in the third stage.
  3. Hello Hi :)

  4. Hello Hello

    Hello, I am new to the forum, but not new to the game. I have been playing about 6 years now. Currently, doing the long slog through Chapter 15.
  5. Goodfellow Meadows needs some members

    Hi, I am the new Archmage (new to the Forum, been playing since 2015) at Goodfellow Meadows Fellowship in Arendyll US1. At this point I need 10 members. We are are also open to merging fellowships. Current Expectations: Participation in the Fellowship Adventure with a ten chest run in the...