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Search results

  1. HJK84

    Closed | Contact Support Game Won't Load

    Using Chrome & Firefox World; Felyndral After logging in, there's either Server Error or game simply won't load. Tried relogging, on both, didn't work. For Chrome, there's a small chat box with the following, going round and round on the screen/game load page;
  2. HJK84

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    Well, haven't posted in a while. This new formula (SS) has really messed up my gaming and the pleasure I used to have for this game. I used to average 4k+. Today, I realized if I only auto-fight, I'll probably be able to clear to round 3, 15 provinces, with using Fire Phx (guessing here) The...
  3. HJK84

    Population and Upgrading

    You can lower the amount of Population and Culture required to build and upgrade buildings. The Golden Abyss & Mountain Halls lower the % of required Population depending on working Population. The Martial Monastery/Sanctuary & Watchtower Ruins, gives you a % of Culture, depending on your...
  4. HJK84

    Tournament & Spire info.

    @Henroo Thanks, I'll take a look. @Enevhar Aldarion True, it's closer to 3 months, but w/e. And yes, I think there's a issue. For Spire, I figure the slight difficulty going up due to AW's makes sense, when I compare to lost resources. We are now 3 in FS seeing a similar change in difficulty...
  5. HJK84

    Tournament & Spire info.

    My city has been static for over 2 months due to Wishing Wells. All I've been doing is upgrading AW's. Tournaments; What I realized is, my Tournament has been getting harder, more costs and more losses. Which would make sense, if I researched SSU, or advanced in Tech, but as I said, not the...
  6. HJK84

    malfunction usa0

    us0 Here also not working, tried 3 different browsers and reloads.
  7. HJK84

    log in usa

    Well... hopefully this is fixed before my next WW pick up in 2 hours.... :mad:
  8. HJK84

    Discussion The Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    Hello hello! As usual, I've finished this Event. Now, I find myself stuck. Due to not liking or needing any of the buildings? :confused: The last days daily building is Lava Egg. It's not as good as the Burning Pool or Mana Hut (which I have 20 of) :eek: I need some insight, of what to do. My...
  9. HJK84

    Closed | Archived Candies after event over

    This isn't new. It happens most of the time after such Events. Takes days to refresh, or even longer, up to next update :eek: Mine is also showing; Event Currency, but this has happened before, and I'm now being careful ;)
  10. HJK84

    Squad size upgrade question

    It's immediate for Tournaments. For scouted but incomplete Provinces, the difficulty might go down after a SSU upgrade, but the cost for Negotiating still goes up. As for Tournaments, I can confirm after each SSU upgrade the cost for Catering goes up by 13-15%. Edit- Here's a thread with some...
  11. HJK84

    Open No multiplayer spire prizes

    Same. Felyndral. e - Just popped up. Thanks I guess :p
  12. HJK84

    Open Spire rewards

  13. HJK84

    Disenchanting Magic Res' or Ws'

    We can now win Magic buildings, via the Spire of Eternity, it's awesome! But, some of us don't need them for X reasons. We have the option to disenchant them, for Spell Fragments. I think that's a bit unfair, any chance we can get 1 Bp instead? Thoughts? -Thanks, James :)
  14. HJK84

    Need help with basics

    From the looks of it, this was Scrolls Tournament. Is it the HARDEST Tournament out of ALL the others. In both situations your composition of only Archers is a bad one. There's 2 Heavy Ranged Squads, they crush Light Ranged. If you used a combo of Light Melee and Light Range would've been...
  15. HJK84

    Wishing Well problems

    I suggest you track Diamonds, and tally it up once all WW's have expired. I'm quite sure, the result of Diamonds gained will be higher than the 10%. As others mentioned, you have a 10% chance to get Diamonds. There's a table where the % for Coin, Supply, Goods, Diamonds are shown, but I don't...
  16. HJK84

    elvenarchitect down?

    I can't place my farm of 35+ Wishing Wells!!! :eek:
  17. HJK84

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.91 Feedback

    I like the update, would be cool if it's also added to Factories as @khudari suggested. I will also add, when you're on desktop, you can use keyboard to press, 1-2-3, etc for Workshops to que a supply. But with this new feature, after checking the icon to que all Workshops and after that...
  18. HJK84

    Discussion Forum Update

    Much more clean Imo. ;) Good going! Seeing this, I'm guessing and hoping we'll have many more chapters and longevity to the game we love so :)
  19. HJK84

    Hello Well hello there!

    Welcome & Good luck :)
  20. HJK84

    Hello Love it

    Welcome welcome! Sure is a lovely game. Don't bother yourself with the negative parts, that you'll surely see in other threads. Just have fun :)