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Search results

  1. GroomerWoman

    Druindar Farics Sigs and Avitars

    I have been away for a bit. I see there has been a lot of changes. So sorry for your loss Druindar. Sending love and light your way.
  2. GroomerWoman

    Hello New Player, question?

    Merry Meet!
  3. GroomerWoman

    Hello New to forum

    Merry Meet!
  4. GroomerWoman

    Hello Elvenarians....

    Merry Meet Witchskull. Your avatar is hilarious! :)
  5. GroomerWoman

    Favourite Avatars

    Of course I love gazing at the noble Saphirra avatar and sig! :)
  6. GroomerWoman

    Favourite Avatars

    We love you and your wonderful creations Sir Squirrel!
  7. GroomerWoman

    Hello Greetings!

    Merry Meet Erebwen! Glad you are enjoying the game and the forums!
  8. GroomerWoman

    Favourite Avatars

    I have admired many of your avatars! I love the Avatar and sig you currently have!
  9. GroomerWoman

    Favourite Avatars

    Thanks! Your Avatar is pretty rad too!
  10. GroomerWoman

    Hello Almost new!

    Merry Meet Bluebelljana7!
  11. GroomerWoman

    Looking for other people OR a fellowship that shares my desires in the game

    There are several groups that seem to meet your wish list though not worded exactly as you have worded it, mine is one of them. I do wish you the best in building your dream fellowship! Blessings! GW
  12. GroomerWoman

    Hello Merry meet

    Merry Meet Sister! Sending love and light back at ya! Blessed be.
  13. GroomerWoman

    New player seeking guidance and fellowship!

    Sent you an in-game message.
  14. GroomerWoman

    Seeking a New Home

    Sent you an in-game message.
  15. GroomerWoman

    Looking for a fellowship

    Sent you an in-game message.
  16. GroomerWoman

    Hello Well now I exist

    And after all that I will just say.... Merry Meet Whispers! :D
  17. GroomerWoman


  18. GroomerWoman


  19. GroomerWoman