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Search results

  1. kakorot9000

    The Phoenix Rises NEEDS YOU!!!!!!!!

    greetings to all whom stumble upon this, im Kakorot9000 archmage of the phoenix rises, im looking for 2/3 members who are good tournament players that are fighters have the ancient wonders to assist. requirements: be at least orc chapter and above to show you have some idea on what to do, be...
  2. kakorot9000

    Mobile version issues

    Yes it basically keeps saying unable to connect check internet everything else works just not elvenar app so yes they need to fix asap
  3. kakorot9000

    The Phoenix Rises Needs YOU!!!

    hello one and all i am the leader of The Phoenix Rises im seeking people of any level (just have trader at least) who will stick around and grow with us as we make a wonderful fellowship. i dont mind what your boosts are but it helps if you have steel and elixir, i dont mind if you on for only...
  4. kakorot9000

    Merge with The Phoenix Rises

    if like others you have a slow response of applicants if you wish to merge with us we have enough space to accommodate all we will grow from the ashes of the past, message me here or in game, thank you Kakorot9000, Archmage of The Phoenix Rises
  5. kakorot9000

    The Phoenix Rises recruiting

    we are still looking for anyone to join our ranks please message me here or in-game if you wish to join a growing helpful fellowship, please dont hesitate to ask anything Happy travels The Phoenix Rises Awaits
  6. kakorot9000

    Unable to open AWs for other players

    wow typical inno 1 step forward and then takes a giant flipping leap backwards off a cliff ..... bravo, guess that wont be fixed till next week id imagine..
  7. kakorot9000

    Fixing Commands - /Who /Whisper

    that is perfect tbh my suggestion about having a function like most games where you has a dot next to your name etc green here orange away and grey/blank as offline which you can choose or will happen automatically, would be simplest solution to this as you can choose appear offline and keep it...
  8. kakorot9000

    The Phoenix Rises recruiting

    hello one and all we are the Phoenix Rises, we have risen from the ashes of a fallen fellowship to rise higher then before, we would like to invite players new and old to join our ranks, we will do fellowship adventures(providing rewards dont suck) and get as far as possible in tournaments, we...
  9. kakorot9000

    Fixing Commands - /Who /Whisper

    yeah you just sit there talking to thin air and look like a crazy person otherwise. but seems like everytime inno takes 2 steps forward they take 1 giant leap backwards.... youd think they would do everything they can to make us the players happy to keep us around not give us reasons to hate the...
  10. kakorot9000

    Fixing Commands - /Who /Whisper

    well plus you gotta also realize taking these functions out screws up everything, as you end up talking to thin air, cant see any help and if your in the app version you cant actually see private messages like in the browser whether it be a fellowship message or a random person, so having...
  11. kakorot9000

    They fixed the "100" messages showing in chat

    yeah true they just need to have the feature like most games show in say the fellowship members tabs with green dot as to online and orange dot to say away would make things veeeeeeeeeeeeery easy and more useful
  12. kakorot9000

    Turn old into new

    i think a good idea to have is a new special trader where you can use the old event buildings currently placed/in bag etc to trade for new buildings such as a magic style residence(big pop building) or bigger culture or bit of both etc each item will give specific amount of points towards the...
  13. kakorot9000

    They fixed the "100" messages showing in chat

    yes its now starting to reaaaaaaaaally annoy the crap outta me typing /who evey day to see whos on and look like a tit XD
  14. kakorot9000

    Shadowfox Wants You

    hello ladies and gentleman we at Shadowfox have many spots available to the people of Winyandor, if you want a fellowship who help each other build, with Ancient Wonders or just daily visits, then we have a spot for you please have minimum a trader, been playing long enough to know you wont just...
  15. kakorot9000

    Discussion Rebalancing of select (old) event buildings

    this is basically giving me a reason to quit now its bullcrap
  16. kakorot9000

    Discussion Rebalancing of select (old) event buildings

    oh and giving me a spell to restore 1 building thats all well and good if that can replace the pop loss from all but ofc it wont.... and wheres this soo called list showing which buildings been screwed ive looked and havent found anything its not on the important thread or here so yeah a spoiler...
  17. kakorot9000

    Discussion Rebalancing of select (old) event buildings

    im sorry but this is complete [-] ive now just lost soo much population due to this stupid change i went from a nice 469ish population to -699.... now i cant do a thing till i get residence upgrade in next tree.... this is 1 way to kill the game guys well done you will lose more people now...
  18. kakorot9000

    Shadowfox Wants You

    We are still looking for members of all kinds we are a friendly fellowship, we help each other alot so please dont feel afraid to send me a message in game or here to find out any little details. hope to see some of you soon
  19. kakorot9000

    Shadowfox Wants You

    hey i messaged you as didnt receive anything in game