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Search results

  1. Rowdiesaurus

    realm of tranquility is looking for 3 great players

    we suddenly are short 3 players. we do get the 9th chest, but not the 10th until we have new active players. please join us, so we can keep the blueprints coming. lol. we help each other a lot, play the spire, Adventure and events. contact one of our mages if you want to succeed with us.
  2. Rowdiesaurus

    serenity in chaos is looking for several players

    we are looking for daily players. We are a relaxed group, and are replacing not-so-active players at this time. Your boost does not matter, we always go through all stages of the adventure, we play as a team in the spire and tourney. We want to get back to 10 tourney chests but are a few players...
  3. Rowdiesaurus

    unicorn army has rare opening

    this has not happened before, unicorn army actually has two openings. we have been around forever, are ranked 12, have always made it to the pit in the FA, we always get 10 chests, often 12 or more, and we trade a lot. we do require that your city is mature, your score should be at least 60000...
  4. Rowdiesaurus

    Considering pet feeding durations

    a popup to include the duration of feeding each pet would be very beneficial because each pet has a different time.
  5. Rowdiesaurus

    pets feeding duration

    since they all differ, is there a way to find out how long the food lasts, do we have a list with all pets and durations/
  6. Rowdiesaurus

    Serenity in Chaos looking for fabulous players

    We are awesome and need a few silk and gem players, but any boost is welcome. We play the tourney, adventures, and events. We went though all levels of the FA despite some inactives.. . and we are getting 6-8 chests in the tourney, we really want to get 10 chests, like we used to in our glory...
  7. Rowdiesaurus

    Realm of Tranquility seeking 2 players

    we are awesome, currently working on 10 tourney chests. Everyone is friendly, and like to see everybody grow. we are a bit short on silk, so if you are boosted, please apply.
  8. Rowdiesaurus

    Serenity in Chaos looking for 1 more player

    Serenity in Chaos is looking for a player who likes to participate in tourneys. We are a no drama group, relaxed and friendly, and we like to help you grow. Many of us visit daily. If you are an active player, visit multiple times a week, help others with fair or bargain trades, and like to win...
  9. Rowdiesaurus

    Serenity in Chaos looking for great player

    We just finished the FA, got all the prices, and had fun. We play the tourney every week, and hope you would enjoy to participate.
  10. Rowdiesaurus

    Serenity in Chaos seeking Members

    Serenity in Chaos is a super-friendly, no-stress FS that loves to see you and your city grow. Silk boosted players would be great. We like regular visits to fellows (4x per week) and good or great trades. We also like participation of spire and tourney play, and the willingness to pull together...
  11. Rowdiesaurus

    Consider moving the new News icon?

    Maybe switch the News and Fellowship icons, because during rounds, in other cities, the FS icon is on the right. So, out of habit i clicked o news several times when i returned to my city.
  12. Rowdiesaurus

    Stylus no longer works on tablet

    This happened a few months back, remained an issue for a while, and then got addressed, magically of course. I use a Surface and click events with the stylus no longer register, except for the main buttons used to load the world. Tapping with the finger is ok but not precise enough to fight, and...
  13. Rowdiesaurus

    Wiki button in Join the Community leads to nowhere

    The Wiki button in Join the Community url does not resolve properly. Goes to https://us.wiki.elvenar.com/and should go to https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/ https://us.wiki.elvenar.com/ is always down.
  14. Rowdiesaurus

    Tablet support

    As of today, on an MS tablet, click events no longer register when using a pen. And text fields get no focus, so I can no longer type messages or mails.
  15. Rowdiesaurus

    Dwarves should produce Mithril

    Dwarves should produce Mithril.