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Search results

  1. Shyama1

    Its a question of Culture...

    Hi all I am working on a new city layout... I'm looking for the formula to calculate the amount of Available Culture required to get 170% Culture Bonus without any neighborly help. I'm sure its pretty simple, but I couldn't find it ... Thanks in advance ;-) And I'm wishing a happy end of...
  2. Shyama1

    Version 1.90.3 of today

    @Ælfwine, @Fairy Dust, Hello, Could you please post the release notes of version 1.90.3 released today ? Thanks Shyama1
  3. Shyama1

    Icon above Magic Academy on craft completion.

    Hi all, I think it would be helpful to have something displayed above our Magic Academy when a craft is completed. I understand it cannot be a miniature icon of the crafted item, due to the number of different receipes, but it could be a single icon for any crafted item. I thought we could use...
  4. Shyama1

    Count of scoutable provinces in a said ring ?

    Hi all, Is there among us any smart mathematician/statistician who knows how to determine the count of scoutable provinces in a said ring ? By "scoutable province" I mean provinces that are not cities. And "ring" means distance from my city. In exemple: how many scoutable provinces are...
  5. Shyama1

    Display Squads count on 4 digits in military buildings

    Actually Military Buildings display Number of troops Squads on 3 digits. When we have more than 999 Squads of any troop, it shows as >999x. It would be nice to display that number on 4 digits, as not knowing how many troops we have is a real issue. The x at the end of Squads count is...
  6. Shyama1

    Mainlaine quests requiring Residences and WS upgrades vs Magical Buildings only... did it change ?

    Hello everyone :-) As a Mage of our FS, I'm posting this topic to help a fellow who is at Fairies Chapters. There are some mainline non-declinable quests that require to have regular Residences and Workshop at max Chapter's level. This is a pain for players who like to have only Magical...
  7. Shyama1

    Help Weird idea, but would this work ?

    Hi all :-) Its around 2 months and a half I'm playing Elvenar, and I really enjoy it. I've been reading quite a lot on the forum, but this is my first post. I am planning to do something a bit unusual and I would like your advice to know if it will work and to make sure it will not screw up my...