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Search results

  1. Darielle

    Feedback on Being an Elvenar Newbie

    The following was what I was going to say on the Beta forum. But I couldn't. There's another glitch. I've reconfirmed my email 10 times, but every time I try to register for the beta forum, I get a popup telling me to confirm my email. Anyway, this is what I would have said on the beta forum if...
  2. Darielle

    Forwarded Suggestion for New Event Building: Pet Food

    One of my fs members, MagicDomino, wished there were a pet food building. I got to thinking, and I propose that a future evolving event building gives 1 pet food per time period. (Would be nice if it was 24 hours, but I wouldn't mind 48 or even 72, if the Inno gods demanded it.) I think that...
  3. Darielle

    Considering Allow people to see what kind of streets they have.

    I sometimes have a hard time telling what street is from what chapter, unless I go back and look it up in the build section. Even then, sometimes it's hard to tell because the "one piece at a time" doesn't look quite like the many pieces of road I have. Some of the streets look very similar, and...
  4. Darielle

    Fixed No spire rewards on Sinya yet :(

    We made gold for the first time in a month, so naturally, I wish I'd get those diamonds. But so far, no spire rewards. :(
  5. Darielle

    Confirmed Magic Building Sale, but no Sale?

    I just got a notification this evening (it wasn't there when I logged off 2 hours ago, so I know it's not expired) that the magic buildings are now 10 percent off. However, when I click on the building menu to buy one, they're still regular price, with nothing to indicate a sale. In the past...
  6. Darielle

    Fixed No hand to give neighborly help

    Game Version: v1.128.5 World: Sinya PC version, HTML5, playing on Chrome My game name: Darielle Elves When I went to my neighbor, Prince Anthony, to give him a bit of help, I saw that there was at first no buildings whatsoever. But then after I backed out and went back in, the buildings were...
  7. Darielle

    Okay, I'm stumped

    I'm in Amuni, and I have researched Dune Crystal Manufactory. I built a crystal factory (silk was my original boost, so according to the main hall, crystal is what I need now for my S2 good). I leveled it to 24 and it is making Alari's dagger at the moment. So why does my main hall still say...
  8. Darielle

    Spire Question

    If the most any player can get in the spire is 63, and the max number is 25 players, how is it possible for some fellowships to consistently get more than 1575 points? There's one team that beats everyone just about each week. We get gold often, but we don't get that high gold! I don't get it.
  9. Darielle

    Storm or Aureate? Decisions, decisions.

    Now that I'm getting some artifacts in the spire, I am sitting here wondering what to do with them. I leveled up my fire, and now I see aureate and storms popping up in crafting. I'm not sure which is better overall, in my situation. I have no room for an ETC, at the moment, and don't plan to...
  10. Darielle

    What's up with 2 minute beverages in workshops?

    Several of my friends have just noticed today that level one workshops can produce beverages in just two minutes, while the high level workshops take the regular 5 minutes. Is this a new feature for the FA or is it a glitch?
  11. Darielle

    Help A question about runes and rune shards

    I was wondering how I can get runes to upgrade my Dragon Abbey. I have a bar of rune shards with 8 shards, and I am in need of two shards to fill it and craft a rune. (I need 2 full runes to upgrade the DA). I thought that crafting two rune shards in the MA would get me those two extra shards...
  12. Darielle

    Please state which research is needed for Grain Fields

    I have noticed that there is nothing on Elvenar ... neither the building section, the research section, nor the wiki, that tells you specifically that Agriculture is needed to unlock the Grain Field in Halflings. This is very important information, as a new halflings player is in the dark...
  13. Darielle

    Every Item Crafted in MA gets an Arcane Residue Badge

    How about if the Arcane Badge simply required you to craft any item in the MA? A new member of the forum, EssC, suggested this on my Residue Blues thread, and I thought it was a great idea. It isn't fair that there are so many 9 vision vapor, 29 vision vapor, etc, recipes in the MA. Newer...
  14. Darielle

    I've Got The Residue Blues

    Is it just me or is the Arcane Residue badge crazy hard, particularly for new players or younger fellowships? I honestly believe it is only viable for players who are past Dwarves; I can't see anyone in chapters 1-5 making enough combined catalysts to operate the MA day and night and create...
  15. Darielle

    Research Buttons in Manufactories

    Often when I am in a manufactory building, I click on the "upgrade" button and there is a button that says "Research." That tells me I cannot upgrade until I research more. But when I click on the research button, it takes me to my current level of research, and I have to hunt through the next...
  16. Darielle

    Never Enough Orcs

    I'm having a real problem getting enough orcs to use in the spire (regular orcs for catering; not fighters). I have 3 orc nests and 4 armories, and I'll craft another orc nest as soon as one comes up. But I was just wondering if there were some other building that gives orcs. Even event...
  17. Darielle

    Alternative FA Pit Change

    While I prefer the idea of just throwing everything in the pit, with each badge having a weighted value depending upon it's difficulty, I also want to propose a different alternative (in case the first is unworkable, for some reason). I suggest they have a fourth rotation of sacks of coins...
  18. Darielle

    Have it ALL in Thornwood!

    Are you looking for an active fellowship, a game family, that does tournaments, spire, FAs, and will help you when you need help? Come to Thornwood. We have two push tourneys per cycle (about a month apart) in which we always get 10 chests. Between push tourneys, you can get a breather with 6 or...
  19. Darielle

    Confused About Culture

    I noticed that on Elven Gems, it says that after you upgrade everything (except tier 3) at the end of Orcs, you should sell all your culture only buildings. They said that culture won't really matter after Orcs, except to gain extra supplies, and that it's better to have the extra room. However...
  20. Darielle

    Is there a different font for chat?

    I logged in just now and found that the chat font in-game is different. I haven't used my computer since I was on this morning and didn't change anything, so this is strange. This font is thinner and harder to see. Did my computer mess up somehow, or is there a different font in the in-game...