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Search results

  1. SnowdancerGrey


  2. SnowdancerGrey


    We are a diverse group of players who enjoy the game, Currently in the top 50 of fellowships. We recently have several openings due to inactivity and are looking to build up a strong fellowship again! Requirements to join: Minimum 20000* Points (*exceptions can be made) Only post 2 or 3 star...
  3. SnowdancerGrey

    ❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈ Come Join us ❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•

    Come Join us! Pixie Dust is looking to add 2 new players! ❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•*❈❅•* We need Active Players!Come hang out with us!
  4. SnowdancerGrey

    Are you looking for a new home? Tired of all the demands? Come check us out!

    Pixie Dust is RECRUITING! Want to be part of an amazing team? Come Join us! Drama Free! We work well together! We need a Few More Active Players! *********************** We still have a few open spots **************************** We have 1 OPEN spot left on our team! Please apply...
  5. SnowdancerGrey

    Pixie Dust Looking for active members

    Pixie Dust is currently looking to replace 4 inactive members.. If you are reading this with the hopes of joining an active yet laid back fellowship, then WELCOME! and thank you so much for your interest! we really appreciate it! We are an active and steady growing Fellowship that focuses on...
  6. SnowdancerGrey

    Halloween and other mission progression

    This last Halloween Quest, several people have been stuck at 19/32 and can not move forward. I am currently in Dwarves in 3 different worlds, I can not achieve any Level 20 due to not being that advances in the game. I am also stuck on research for the HIGH demands of Granite and Copper. SO...
  7. SnowdancerGrey

    Looking for a Fellowship with the RIGHT FIT!

    Hello! I am an active daily player Boosted in Planks, Silk and Gems. I am looking for an active Fellowship that does not have "rules" against posting "3 Star Cross Trading" in addition to requiring at least other Fair 2 Star 1:1 trading. I have over 30000 points ranked 5757 and I am...