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Search results

  1. Battle Enemy quantities

    Have some method on phones to see the number of enemies you face. That can alter or change how you fight
  2. New Game Features Use for relics

    I have some relics in the thousands with no use. Create something that can utilize them
  3. New Game Features Use for relics

    I have some relics in the thousands with no use. Create something that can utilize them
  4. Yggdrasil has 2 spots.

    We are 25th. Expect you to help on fa and must do 500 on tours. Spire play is welcomed a lot. We always do 10 chest also
  5. Quests Vary or update standard quests

    The same quests and awards I saw a year ago and 2 years ago still unchanged. As you level they should change too
  6. New Game Features Goddess of wishes

    The award from this is barely better than that from the daily gift box. The box is no effort but the goddess is a month of work and should pay much better like the wishing well used to
  7. Spells duration

    Provide a way to see duration left on spells cast
  8. Merchant use

    Merchant is very unfair. Unless there are a lot of others on your world at chapter 18 the people you can trade with is very limited
  9. Unurium creation

    Other than trader and ToL where can you get this
  10. Goddess award

    You need to return to the wishing well cuz the goddess awards are flat garbage
  11. Ch 18 question

    I am producing mineral as my goods. Which hub uses that so I can make it first
  12. Ch 18 boost

    I am steel, scroll, elixir boost. Which will be my ascend boost. I think mineral but want to be sure since I expect I want to research it first but if so does it mean I have to level a marble factory to 32?
  13. Ingots

    I thought when I unlocked steel for ch 18 ingots got made in steel mfg. I have 3 at level 31. How do you make ingots and then I assume trade for mineral and sprout. I built trade thing
  14. Not a Bug Scouting new provinces

    Entering ch18 it seems that difficulty and cost do not reset like in all prior entries
  15. Ascended manufactory

    Should you complete your boosted one first or does it matter
  16. Chapter 17 trading center

    In many chapters there is a quest to sell the main building. I did not see that in the chapters 18 quest line so can I just sell the thing
  17. Mana AW

    Got the DA. How does ENAR or lighthouse work. Want to get my 1.8m asap. No buildings left o. Inventory
  18. Use for non boost relics

    Other than using them at a trickle rare to craft junk you don't want there is no use for the non boost relics. Create something
  19. Shrine of sun and moon

    How about returning these items to game. Add them in the MA like the chess set
  20. Dragon ark and oracle

    If I am reading it right neither of these are required to complete chapter 17. Since I see no need to conjure them I prefer to skip if I can