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Search results

  1. Henroo

    Just discovered something about Triumph of Tides

    When you upgrade it, it automatically resets the production it gives you to supplies. Just essentially wasted a 24 hour cycle from my ToT making supplies (I have plenty) because I didn't know this. So anybody doing an upgrade to ToT keep this in mind.
  2. Henroo

    spire rewards for coming week?

    Does anybody know what is going to be offered in the Spire when it opens tomorrow? Will it still be Gingerbread artifacts or are we moving onto the next artifact in the rotation, which should be Valentine Float artifacts? I have to confess I have lost track of how many weeks it was. Plus we had...
  3. Henroo

    Honey Badgers have an opening

    We're looking for 1 active player to join us. We are a friendly, laid back bunch. But despite this we perform well. We always get 10 chests in the tournament. Most weeks we get the first bonus chest. We average silver in the Spire. And we always finish all 3 paths in fellowship adventures. We...
  4. Henroo

    question about Vortex of Storage

    Almost to the end of ch15 in Khel and I am eyeing the Vortex of Storage. It says at level 1 it gives a 20% boost to sentient good production. Exactly how is this calculated? Is it: 1. a true 20% increase to total output? If so, this is a significant increase. Or 2. does it add 20% to your...
  5. Henroo

    Are Mermaid artifacts in the Magic Academy?

    According to the announcement when Gingerbread artifacts rotated into the Spire, Mermaid artifacts were getting added to the Magic Academy. However, I have not yet seen a single one. I have 3 cities and I catch almost every Magic Academy rotation. I have seen multiple chances to make Phoenix and...
  6. Henroo

    Can't log in

    I had all 3 (Khel, Winy, and Arendyll) of my cities open in different tabs on my PC. About 10 minutes ago all 3 crashed. Have not been able to log back in since. I have also tried mobile on my phone with no luck. Anybody else having issues?
  7. Henroo

    Does going through old threads make anyone else sad?

    Just went on a search for something that had been posted awhile back and had to dive into the old threads to find it. And the process made me fairly sad. Mainly because I kept coming across comments from old forum members. People who I used to interact with here on a weekly basis. And this made...
  8. Henroo

    magic workshop upgrade question

    Right now I have a Power of Provision enchantment active on a Magic Workshop. If I use the blueprint just won in the tournament to upgrade it, does this cancel out the enchantment?
  9. Henroo


    I have noticed a lot of cities with this name on the world map. Is there any significance to this name?
  10. Henroo

    release date of expansion chapters?

    I was wondering if there is a listing of when every expansion chapter was released?
  11. Henroo

    Is gold spire the new 10 chest?

    I started playing under the old tournament format. Back then, it was harder for a fellowship to get 10 chests in the tournament. Being a 10 chest fellowship was a big status symbol for a high performing fellowship and was important in recruiting. Under the current format, more fellowships are...
  12. Henroo

    Question about chapter 15

    I am about a week from entering Ch15. I am wondering if anything new is going to be introduced? For example: Woodelves introduced mana, Halflings introduced seeds, and Elementals-Constructs introduced the 3 tiers of sentient goods. What can I expect in Ch15?
  13. Henroo

    Forest Dwellers has 1 opening

    We're the #72 ranked fellowship in Winyandor. We are a low pressure fellowship with no weekly minimum requirements for tournament or spire. But despite our low key approach, we average 10 chests every week and silver in the spire. We also easily finish all 3 stages of fellowship adventure. If...
  14. Henroo

    When will Mermaid Paradise leave the Magic Academy?

    One of my FS members just asked me this question and I was not sure of the answer. Is Mermaid Paradise being taken out of the MA when the Mermaid artifacts leave the Spire? I assume it is going to be handled in the same manner as Stonehenge. But I made Stonehenge, so I don't see it anymore in...
  15. Henroo

    idea for future evolving building

    Now that winning multiple Moonstone Libraries are a thing of the past, I think that it would be a good idea to introduce a future evolving building that gives 1 Combining Catalyst a day at higher evolution levels. Since new players are going to be limited to to only 1 Moonstone Library, having...
  16. Henroo

    question about strike back

    Does anybody know exactly how much damage a strike back does? It seems to me like it is less than a standard attack. I was wondering exactly how it is calculated.
  17. Henroo

    question about Phoenix artifacts in Spire

    I remember that when Phoenix artifacts were put in Spire it was advertised as a temporary, 6 week change. But I have lost track of time. Is the current Spire cycle the 4th week or the 5th week of the 6?
  18. Henroo

    Combining Catalyst production

    Are there any buildings other than Magic Academy or Moonstone Library that can produce Combining Catalysts? Just wondering if there have ever been event buildings from before I started playing that can make them or something like that.
  19. Henroo

    4 star unit stats up on Elvenarchitect

    I was looking up the stats on Vallorian Guards at Elvenarchitect because I am in the Elementals chapter and they get the 2 star promotion in this chapter. I was curious how much they were going to improve. But when I did this, I noticed that Elvenarchitect is listing the stats for a 4 star...
  20. Henroo

    Seeking casual non-tournament focused fellowship

    First of all this is not for me, I am seeking it as a referral for somebody else. I run a fellowship in Khel and once upon a time we were a casual fellowship. But in recent months we have grown. We have also become a lot more focused on the tournament than we once were and have now achieved 10...