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Search results

  1. MinMax Gamer

    How to be successful in Ch 17 and beyond?

    Try to keep your city compact, only use premium expansions when you need to add space (as much as you can), and only upgrade AWs that have good value (that would mostly be military AWs + TimeWarp).
  2. MinMax Gamer

    #1 Player on Harandar is leaving(for now, or forever)

    Source: Know several people with >> 2mm cities who did quit recently. Can confirm what @Deborah M is saying. Penalizing progress, especially for the largest cities, was the primary reason. And mind-numbing Chapter 17 was the final straw.
  3. MinMax Gamer

    Squad Size >999x

    I just don't produce any (as I don't use them), the same with Barracks LM and LR. These are just the ones passively produced in AWs and Brown Bears... And no, adjusting for your squad size won't make a difference ;)
  4. MinMax Gamer

    The soul-gobbling Chapter 15

    You probably shouldn't be looking forward to Chapter 17 then... ;)
  5. MinMax Gamer

    Squad Size >999x

    Rich? Looks decidedly middle-class ;)
  6. MinMax Gamer

    Best Chests - Event Strategy calculators

    I have updated the calculators for the latest Phoenix event (March 2021). There are some minor chest changes comparing to the previous event. Given the same amount of event currency as in the previous event (~6K), and using the best chest strategies for each, you can expect to get: - a bit...
  7. MinMax Gamer

    High level chapters are literally TOO MUCH

    That's not true. Here is my PP inventory levels over time: Periods between markers are chapters 16 and 17. As you can see, for chapter 16 - even though I was using all PPs that I possibly could - I was still net positive on PPs at all times. For chapter 17 I did drop a little bit during the...
  8. MinMax Gamer

    Cross Breed Mythical Creature Dumbness

    Dragons are shapeshifting, so there is that. For most of the hybrids in D&D the plot device is very simple - magic. Magic is the answer to everything. They're not big on genetics there.
  9. MinMax Gamer

    Cross Breed Mythical Creature Dumbness

    But you do. In D&D, pretty much all combinations exist. So there are dwarf hybrids with humans, elves, gnomes, halflings, dragons. There are elf hybrids with humans, dwarves, halflings, eladrin, fiends, dragons. There are halfling ones with dwarves, elves, dragons, harpies, goblins, satyrs...
  10. MinMax Gamer

    Top 5 Ancient Wonders

    1. Timewarp 2. Timewarp 3. Timewarp 4. Timewarp 5. Timewarp
  11. MinMax Gamer

    Thermal Spring of Youth - Good or bad?

    Don't forget about how much KP will it take to get to L26, and whether you can use these KPs in a better way.
  12. MinMax Gamer

    Developers Working on Scroll Solution

    That would be under "technical difficulties" /s
  13. MinMax Gamer

    How long would you say chapters take?(I know it varies)

    Not really. Most of the chapters before 15 are about 2000 KPs worth of research, so you only need to average about 65 KP a day. That's not hard to do playing tournaments weekly. It's much harder to keep that pace with guest race productions. You want to run the right setups, with the best...
  14. MinMax Gamer

    How long would you say chapters take?(I know it varies)

    I posted somewhere when I finished chapters 14 and 15. I believe 15 chapters took about 470 days, while 14 was a bit more than 400. Pretty much all guest races took almost exactly 30 days. PPs wouldn't have helped that much as I was constrained by KP accumulation, and the current tournament...
  15. MinMax Gamer

    Elvarian Carnival event discussion thread

    Really depends on how active you're in events. At that stage of the game active players have to rebuild their towns all the time simply due to chapter progress anyway, and it is not hard to get new hybrids in new events. Unless you can go all magic residences, best event hybrids are so much...
  16. MinMax Gamer

    Best Chests - Event Strategy calculators

    Ha, that's a good one. I thought you're wrong, but you're indeed correct. It seems that someone at IG messed up chest skins - the pictures at ElvenGems are correct, meaning that we have 2 chests that are exactly the same Green color (46 and 54), and we also have 2 chests that are exactly the...
  17. MinMax Gamer

    Adapting is the game!

    LOL, common sense. I am sure one can - over time - adapt to being repeatedly kicked in the groin. But common sense would indicate that you should try to prevent that from happening, or move on before trying to adapt to it. It is just a game indeed, there are dozens of others that do things...
  18. MinMax Gamer

    Watchful Winter Owl recipe in magic academy?

    Try support, this is a non-recurring building so they may be willing to restore it.
  19. MinMax Gamer

    Tournament Changes - Community Feedback and Data

    #1, #2 and #3 players on Ceravyn have left the game. You can check for yourself how many more top 100 players have no FS assigned. The exodus of high level players continues; if anything, it accelerates. A lot of other players are hanging on simply because they've already invested so much time...
  20. MinMax Gamer

    Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards - discussion thread

    1 in 2 weeks, for each of two cities. Would be disappointing if I actually needed them.