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Search results

  1. Other Player exit from a Fellowship

    No. I think a player should be able to leave or be booted whenever.
  2. add a scout

    An AW that reduces scouting times I'd definitely be insterested or an evolving building such as ajqtrz mentioned. I'd only consider spending diamonds on an additional scout if it was permanent. Maybe the additional scout is only offered once you reach a certain level or unlock a certain number...
  3. Un"bear"able Spire Prizes

    None here again this week either.
  4. Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    Mine is at level 16 and I have not seen any increase from 1 in the portal. But I have noticed an increase from the elemental buildings for the other guest race goods.
  5. Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    All 3 of the last row of techs might be needed for unlocking Chapter 19. We've seen that before in past chapters where researching the AW's wasn't optional. Though not since they've split them.
  6. Un"bear"able Spire Prizes

    Week 3 top of spire as usual no artifacts in either city.
  7. Ghosts Haunting Cities....????

    It's probably just a glitch. What's showing up is one of the Elvenar which appear in Chapter 15.
  8. Un"bear"able Spire Prizes

    I go to the top of the spire weekly in 2 of my cities. So far I've gotten 3 bears in one city and only 1 bear in the other city. Really hoping to get 1 more in the one city and 8 more in the other city so both cities can have fully evolved polar bears.
  9. Show Badge Count for whole FS in FA

    My FS gave up on the spreedsheets because most people don't use them. We've tried countdown threads for just that harder / longer lead time items and there's members who just won't use the threads. Some of those members are our biggest producers and it makes it hard to figure out what we still...
  10. Un"bear"able Spire Prizes

    I got 1 bear artifact in one city and 2 in another. None in the other 3 cities this week.
  11. Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    One of the declinable quests is to research the Dune Crystal Manufactory Upgrade and to gain 100K of crystal or obsidan. It's a two part quest. I don't know the exact quest number but it's high 20's-low 30's. I'm on quest 35 accroding to the Italian website presently and had it only a few days ago.
  12. Sorcerer's Hut

    I just advanced into Ch. 18 when it was release on live worlds the end of April and my now Ch. 16 city just started that chapter within the last month as well.
  13. Sorcerer's Hut

    I have yet to see this offer in any of my cities despite having multiple accounts with cities in Ch. 18, 17, 16, 5, and 4. Would love to see it at some point.
  14. Answered: Better Time Management for End of Event Quests

    @Illyrea Estariel as far as I know it shouldn’t have repeated the daily quests. There are some that are very similar though. If you think the quests repeated after you finished all 75 quests then I suggest that you put in a support ticket to have them review it.
  15. News from Beta - Archived

    Will we need all the remaining factories upgraded for Chapter 18? I see on the tech tree that there are upgrades to be unlocked that will give boosted T7, T8, and T9 factories. I have T7's already to go in storage but am wondering if I want to start upgrading for T8 and T9 now while I wait for...
  16. Lighthouse of Goodneighboor and Thermal Spring of Youth

    I have 17 Magic residences which is the equivalent of approximately 34 regular residences. I’m not sure how effective it would be with also upgrading my MH and GA which I do plan to do. That’s kinda why I’m asking as I’m wondering what some of the other end game players might think.
  17. Lighthouse of Goodneighboor and Thermal Spring of Youth

    Are either of these two AW's worth having? I've been debating getting these two. My thought is that with the Thermal Spring of Youth I can get away with less event buildings that provide pop. I have mostly magic residences to begin with. About half bought and half won in the spire. With the...
  18. Best Ancient Wonders

    The Ch. 14 Constructs AW's are definitely worth having in my opinion. They are probably my favorites. Simia reduces sentient goods decay and boosts troop production like the brown bear without having to spend pet food. The timewarp reduces tourney cooldown times like the polar bear again without...
  19. Planta Unity - New FS looking for members

    We are willing to talk 0 and 1 star trades to help out new players so they can grow and for established members who need help if they make arrangements / post in chat. We currently have a few of our larger members who are more than happy to help out our newer / smaller cities.
  20. Value of Stonehenge

    I personally like the Stonehenge building. I'm looking forward to trying to get one in my cities that don't currently have one. I feel that it's worth the space.