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Search results

  1. Henroo

    Grounds of the Orc Strategist, and military advice

    They changed this at some point. When I started playing, I still won portal profits at chapter 3, 4, and 5 in the Spire. I actually did not mind, because this meant I already had a stockpile of them built up when I hit guest races.
  2. Henroo

    Other Post laboratory areas for the spire

    The spire is rather expensive. I don't think I would do any extra beyond the current top unless there were rewards for me or additional points for my fellowship.
  3. Henroo

    Just discovered something about Triumph of Tides

    When you upgrade it, it automatically resets the production it gives you to supplies. Just essentially wasted a 24 hour cycle from my ToT making supplies (I have plenty) because I didn't know this. So anybody doing an upgrade to ToT keep this in mind.
  4. Henroo

    Cater or fight

    Those pretty cities are way over rated anyhow! All those Unicorns drop a lot of dung. I am sure they would not be as pretty if this were accurately depicted in the game. ;)
  5. Henroo

    Cater or fight

    Here is how I run my military in my human cities. Barracks makes at least 60% Priests. Sometimes more. Depends on what is going on. This is the only mage unit I use in human cities. Any remaining capacity from my barracks goes to training Paladins. Training grounds makes about 80% Cerberus. This...
  6. Henroo

    Cater or fight

    I would suggest alcohol. Except that might lead to a drunken brawl! ;)
  7. Henroo

    Cater or fight

    LOL! I *THINK* the bloodshed is over and that the combatants have retired from the field. But I've been wrong before. ;)
  8. Henroo

    Cater or fight

    To train enough troops for an all out fighting strategy, all you really need to do is to keep your Barracks, Training Ground, and Mercenary Camp at max level. And make sure you have a long enough training time that they never go idle between your log-ins. Dwarven Bulwark and/or Shrine of Shrooms...
  9. Henroo

    Cater or fight

    PT combos well with Brown Bear. Essentially, feed BB. Then use a lot of time boosts to make troops with. Use PoP spells to recover the supplies you just used time boosting troops. The bonus from PT really shines in this situation!
  10. Henroo

    Cater or fight

    Like yourself I am a fighter and have a heavy selection of military AWs. But I think you are missing out if you pass on Golden Abyss and Prosperity Towers. Neither are combat oriented, but they are just so good they help almost any city. GA is the single best source of both population and gold...
  11. Henroo

    Cater or fight

    You gotta love these heated, bitterly contested rivalries! Ali-Frazier. Jordan's Bulls vs the Detroit Pistons. Yankees-Red Sox. Peyton Manning's Colts vs Tom Brady's Patriots. And @SoggyShorts vs @Dew Spinner. LOL
  12. Henroo

    Cater or fight

    @Dew Spinner @SoggyShorts Could we stop with the constant bickering? At first it was somewhat interesting. But that stopped a long time ago.
  13. Henroo

    Divine seeds production amount questions

    Your seed production must be amazing! When I was doing chapters 14 and 15, I ran 1 T1 sentient factory, 1 T2, and 3 T3. And that was most of my seed production. I can't imagine how much additional seed producing it would have taken to run 2 more T1s and 2 more T2s! I am currently parked at the...
  14. Henroo

    Divine seeds production amount questions

    So it will always be your boosted, but it is random if it is T1, T2, or T3? And if so, are the probabilities equal? Or are the odds weighed in favor of T1?
  15. Henroo

    Divine seeds production amount questions

    Which sentient goods does it give you?
  16. Henroo

    Divine seeds production amount questions

    How do armories produce sentient goods? I am currently parked at the start of chapter 16. Is this some tech advance or upgrade I have not gotten to yet?
  17. Henroo

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I really think evolving buildings should add to city score. In almost every case, a fully evolved stage 10 building is worth placing on a square for square basis. They are simply that efficient. And it requires effort to do well enough in an event to get a fully evolved building. Yet a player...
  18. Henroo

    Cater or fight

    I fight almost everything. My cities are pretty much focused on fighting: I've got all the military AWs except Hero's Forge. Stage 10 Fire Phoenix. And I drop a set of 5 day buff buildings every week to help with my tournament and spire. I only cater every now and then when a really bad enemy...
  19. Henroo

    misty forest

    There are several good videos on youtube as well. If you go there and search for Elvenar Misty Forest then you should find them.
  20. Henroo

    CC recipe in MA?

    I would much rather have the 8 CCs instead of 1. 7 additional CCs are going to provide you with a good bit of Vision Vapor. As well as some other stuff.