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Search results

  1. NightshadeCS

    Help What to Teleport to Escape Neverending Air Traders?

    I have been stuck in Air Traders for far too long and I need some help. I am planning on teleporting out all unneeded buildings and filling up with ships to try and power through this chapter. I am sitting in the research tree at the T3 upgrades. Elixir is done, but still need to collect the...
  2. NightshadeCS

    Dilemma! Phoenix or Magic Upgrades

    I have a Fire Phoenix at level 8 (evolution). I have several magic residences and one magic workshop in need of upgrade. I only have 3 blueprints, and my FS only does one push tourney every month. I have just started Woodelves (hence the needing to upgrade). A Phoenix artifact has come up in...
  3. NightshadeCS

    Boosting Seeds and Unurium

    I can't believe I have run out of Seeds! I used to have so many!!! Unurium and Seeds have become the bane of my life here in Chapter 17. I am keeping my Trader on Unurium for now and trying to make do on seeds from other buildings. The base production of Unurium seems to mean different things...
  4. NightshadeCS

    Phantom Event Hours

    I can't remember, what daily prize do they usually offer in that half day at the end of an event? Just extend the last one, or something else?
  5. NightshadeCS

    How much Adventure is too much?

    Hello, all! I am trying to maintain a good balance in my fellowship of excitement about Fellowship Adventures without killing ourselves for the mediocre prizes. We were a strong performer back in the early days of the FA, working our way up to a top 10 or top 20 finish. Gradually, that became...
  6. NightshadeCS

    FA Highlighted Paths

    Well, another Facebook Live chat with the Inno developers, and they dropped an announcement that the ability to highlight a preferred path in Fellowship Adventures will be coming "soon." 1. Has not been announced in Beta yet. 2. Did not announce timeframe (whether or not it will be available in...
  7. NightshadeCS

    Myștique has an opening.

    Opening in our fellowship, Myștique! Another fellowship used our same name, so find the one where I am a mage if you want to join. : ) Silver Spire, 9-10 chests in the Tourney, though only a requirement of 1000 points once every 4 weeks on an official push tourney. Laid-back fellowship of...
  8. NightshadeCS

    They do fix things sometimes!

    I have read a lot of negative comments on here today and want to turn things in a positive direction for a moment. :cool: :cool: :cool: I was very happy that during the last fellowship adventures they had corrected the problem with the green check mark not showing when you were completing...
  9. NightshadeCS

    Developers Working on Scroll Solution

    Just finished watching the Live Q&A on a social media platform. The developers said that, yes, they are aware there is a problem with scrolls due to the Moonstone Library set and that they are working on solutions. They added the caveat that they are not sure they will be able to solve the...
  10. NightshadeCS

    Add Blueprint Inventory SOMEWHERE

    Summary: Have the number of blueprints a person possesses displayed somewhere permanently. Details: This could be accomplished one of several ways, in one of a few places. I welcome suggestions from other brains who may have thought of something I had not considered. As an Inventory item, on...
  11. NightshadeCS

    Two spots open in New Lindon!

    We are looking for someone boosted in marble, crystal, and/or elixir to fill our ranks. We are a fairly new fellowship, though many of us were together in previous groups. We average 6-7 chests in the tournament each week, and were able to have fun while completing all three stages of the latest...
  12. NightshadeCS

    One spot open in Myştique!

    We are a long-standing established fellowship of downright good people. We do a 10 chest push every four weeks, in which each member is required to attain 1000 points. We have consistently placed in the top 20 in Fellowship Adventures, but participation is fully voluntary. We always have a fun...
  13. NightshadeCS

    Help Expansion or Magic Buildings?

    I have amassed enough diamonds for another expansion. However, after looking at the price of magic workshops and residences, it seems a much better choice to purchase those instead. I am mid chapter 15 Expansion Cost: 2600:diamond: Mag Res Cost: 1400:diamond: Mag WS Cost: 1400:diamond: I have...
  14. NightshadeCS

    Workshop Upgrade Error? lvl 33-34

    Is this an error? 6795/hr to 18000/hr?
  15. NightshadeCS

    FA Ranking Points

    Can someone break down the ranking points earned in Fellowship Adventures for me? Do they translate to individual ranking points, overall Fellowship ranking points? Is it just the cumulative total of all points earned from waypoints and the pit and only help determine at what place you finish in...
  16. NightshadeCS

    Elvenar Academy Demolition Timing

    I currently have 8 Academies and have just unlocked the Vault of Wisdom in the tech tree. I have about 160k of ideas and workforce in reserve. Can I start demolishing Academies in favor of more Ateliers, Agriculture, and Factories? Thanks in advance!
  17. NightshadeCS

    Elvenarchitect Sorting

    I regularly use ElvenArchitect for all my city rearranging needs. If I click on Reports, then Population, a list comes up of all my pop buildings. If I click on "Per Tile" a little arrow appears that seems to indicate I can sort them highest to lowest or vice versa. Except, when I do that, the...
  18. NightshadeCS

    New Lindon Seeking All Levels

    We are a brand new fellowship of easy-going folks looking to enjoy Elvenar together and help one another progress. If you would like to help us mold a new fellowship, please apply! We are a democratic group ready for your input. :cool::D:cool::D Three visits per week, notification of absence...
  19. NightshadeCS

    How to Know what to Make Next

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, can we get a change to the building menus? Why can't I look at my building when it is producing something and see what it costs to produce other things? Makes it really difficult to plan things out. Example: My Mushroom Farms are sitting there with...
  20. NightshadeCS

    NS Mess Around

    Just messing around with a signature myself...