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Search results

  1. Fantastic2676

    This is hysterical

    My big boss in the spire disappeared. I went out and came back in, twice. Still no boss. Closed the Browser and signed in again and fixed it. Helya you are great! Much appreciated even if we don't say it often.
  2. Fantastic2676

    Brown Bear...how are the bonus troops delivered?

    Haha! That is hilarious.. I hadn't even read it through once before my brain was reading it to the rhythm. :D
  3. Fantastic2676

    has to be somewhere in here ?

    I have played since 2017, and recently started a new fellowship for the first time in a long time. I was a bit surprised that there didn't seem to be any additional options added in that amount of time. Possibly a few, but not alot. :)
  4. Fantastic2676

    Chapter 6

    Congratulations! The first guest race is always exciting. ;) Make sure to browse through the gems of knowledge site as they give so much info on what to expect.
  5. Fantastic2676

    Is gold spire the new 10 chest?

    Yeah, this is me this week. I have topped the spire for months, and many camp out at gates below. They are not interested in the gold. It's a great friendly group, and I am sad to go, but I want the benefits, lol.
  6. Fantastic2676

    Is gold spire the new 10 chest?

    I would absolutely take you for a month or two.. But I can't :(
  7. Fantastic2676

    Brown bear

    I would place it even if you have none, personally. This, like the fire phoenix, is a benefit right from the get go.
  8. Fantastic2676

    Un"bear"able Spire Prizes

    I got 3 bears out of four spire runs. I also got three purple chests back to back in one. Two portal profits, and one bear. So, I can't complain.
  9. Fantastic2676

    Complete Win Diamonds With a New Year Comic Contest!

    This contest is over now @JuJuElf Keep your eyes posted for the next one!
  10. Fantastic2676

    An Elvenar Caption Contest

    Warning label: The after effects of the overabundance of dwarven brews are apparently seizure inducing.
  11. Fantastic2676

    How does a new player earn diamonds?

    Yeah, this is a slow game. :) Join a good, active fellowship that participates in tourney and spire. You shouldn't have to buy any diamonds, but won't really start to collect them until chapter 3.
  12. Fantastic2676

    I Want To Thank the Developers....

    I admit I grumble, but I like the variety compared to before. :) Edit: maybe not the frequency though :/
  13. Fantastic2676

    Crafting Royal Restorations

    I never noticed either, just the blueprint ones.
  14. Fantastic2676

    Building Detail

    Yep, I would vote yes to this as well.
  15. Fantastic2676

    First trip to the top of the Spire...woot!...typical performance?

    Congrats! I am an autofighter. I have found if you produce the military helps in the magic academy, and feed your fire Phoenix (if you have one) you can usually easily fight your way. If I am doing a negotiation week. I second what others have said. I only use diamonds if I know the next guess...
  16. Fantastic2676

    Signs You Need a New Fellowship

    This, is hilarious!
  17. Fantastic2676

    Signs You Need a New Fellowship

    When the whole fs is pumped and participating in the fellowship adventure and doing great, but the AM is absent all day. Then accuses everyone of being cliquey because we decided we would wait until a set time and just pull the flag as the map was sitting finished... Oops sorry. That is 2, must...
  18. Fantastic2676

    Signs You Need a New Fellowship

    When you are expected to chat with the creepy perv in chat. It's your fault he wants to leave so you should apologize for your bad behaviour in ignoring him. (happened to a fellow - not me. But it did hasten my trip out the door.)
  19. Fantastic2676

    Top Tourney/Spire Players & Pressure to gain weekly gold

    It's true. She's (they're?) turning my hair grey with all the squawking. Can't even imagine what the next goblin flower is going to do in our midst..