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Search results

  1. Pheryll

    StarGazers has 7 openings

    Our fellowship requires a small level of participation and is looking for continued growth. We recently lost a few players (one was a player with several alts). In general, we are looking for cities that grow. Right now silk is our lowest produced good. For more information see our general...
  2. Pheryll

    StarGazers looking for members

    Our fellowship has morphed over the last few months from a new player oriented one to a fellowship that is active and can achieve goals when working together without the experience being stressful. We are and wish to remain a top 100 fellowship, and last steel tournament we managed to reach the...
  3. Pheryll

    My competition entry (task 3)

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Pheryll

    Evolving building poll

    There are a lot of thoughts out about how to improve the evolving building system. I wanted to throw out a poll to see which features players tended to gravitate towards. Pick as many options as interest you, and if you wish to add more input, feel free to post.
  5. Pheryll

    Open Time Warp bonus applied to Moonstone Library Set

    With 100% reproducibility, I have been collecting extra tree gum and cosmic bismuth (both are sentient boosts for me) from the buildings of the moonstone library set. This bonus is not mentioned in the building description and the amount shown over the building when collecting does not reflect...
  6. Pheryll

    Event: Decaying rewards for infinite quest events

    A lot of discussion has taken place for how to keep players involved in quests throughout the event, while maintaining an infinite quest layout, while blocking the high performance of the overachievers. The system I propose is to subdivide the event time into three quest progressions (each one...
  7. Pheryll

    Odd Icon

    Any clue what this icon is? I had it appear in the lower right hand side of my setting near the settings menu, and clicking the icon just makes it disappear.
  8. Pheryll

    Wiki article on islands shows incorrect resources.

    The article on Islands in en.wiki.elvenar.com has a table that displays alloy shrooms required for the garden and assembly, and silly soap required for the engine and zoo. This is only true if the player is boosted in cosmic bismuth. If the player has a different boost the resources required...
  9. Pheryll

    Sentient Goods and good production quests.

    Events and fellowship adventures both have quests for a mixed production of tier 1 goods. The odd thing is that Sentient good production can be used for the FA badge but cannot be used for the event quests. This discrepancy has led me to ask the question, which way do you think these shorter...
  10. Pheryll

    Adjust the algorithm for mobile quick visits to look for the presence of Ensorcelled Endowment

    With the presence of the Lighthouse of Good Neighborhood, having players polish a high culture building may not be in the best interest of the city, as mana becomes a new consideration. Also, players that have the ensorcelled endowment spell already on a polished building may prefer that once...
  11. Pheryll

    Poll: Set Buildings

    We have seen many different events offering set buildings, that I would like to know which style people tend to prefer. Do you want no set buildings in events? Do you want to see set buildings appear only once in the dailies? Do you want multiple offerings in the daily prizes? Do you want...
  12. Pheryll

    Colonies- [Chapter 15 and beyond]

    I am noticing a lot of things nearing certain limits. The city grid of 60x60 is nearly full, and any addition would be more challenging on old computers. Upgrading manufactories to level 28 is going to be a pain (especially for the non-sentient ones) with little payback as divine seed...
  13. Pheryll

    Lighthouse of Good Neighborhood

    I originally had high hopes for the Lighthouse of Good Neighborhood, but looking at its stats in the wiki, it does not seem to be all that good, and may indeed become worse as updates unroll. First the mana quantity is fixed at 15% (taking up 24 squares it holds its weight given you have at...
  14. Pheryll

    Poll: Diamonds offer for new accounts joining a fellowship

    There are far too many players that join, begin upgrading their main hall, and then quit thinking that there is little to the game. These tiny cities that could offer the person quite a few diamonds, if they ever choose to return, rarely do anything for the community at large. So I am looking...
  15. Pheryll

    Unusual number appearing in the culture tab of the build menu.

    When hovering over a culture building in the build menu from the fairy chapter or later there is a weird number in roman numerals (from I to IV) appearing on the top right corner of the description provided when you hover over the building with a mouse. The number does not seem to be a ranking...
  16. Pheryll

    Technology display glitchy?

    As shown above, when logging in on different occasions, the tech tree does not consistently display the technologies in the same order. The prerequisites are all correct, and the lines between technologies are always redrawn with the correct connections. It is just the order within a column...
  17. Pheryll

    Tournament Squad Size Rebalancing: Base enemy tournament size off of mandatory squad size techs

    In the current tournament implementation, optional squad size technologies do not have any positive impact. For tournament battles, they affect the enemy size as well as your own. The tech tree keeps a pretty standard ratio going of 1/3 of the squad size increases being optional and 2/3 being...
  18. Pheryll

    Main Hall receives neighborly help while upgrading

    I just completed an upgrade to my main hall and was surprised to see a good 2 million coins waiting to be collected immediately. I am not sure how this came about, but my logs do show that players were donating to the main hall during the time period that it was upgrading. Is this a mobile...
  19. Pheryll

    No backwards movement in Fellowship Adventure?

    My fellowship is going through map 2 by completing 5 green waypoints, switching over to blue at the crossroads, and then planning to finish on the blue route. What was discovered in the process was that the fourth blue waypoint was not unlocked when we completed the fifth blue waypoint. That...
  20. Pheryll

    Should tournaments be based on squad size?

    Just to get a few thoughts here, I put a list of different ways the tournaments could be accessed their difficulty. Which of the following seems the best fitting for determining tournament costs? 1) Tournament army size and cater costs are based on squad size. 2) Tournament army size and cater...