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Search results

  1. helya

    Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    Please use this thread to tell us what you think about the Misty Forest Event!
  2. helya

    Voting Spell Fragment Building

    If this is voted as a yes, I can certainly add that.
  3. helya

    Voting Spell Fragment Building

    I've added an official poll to this suggestion. Bear in mind, the devs added the Spell Fragment crafting recipes to satisfy the many complaints of surplus Spell Fragments. It might be way too soon to suggest a building to add more.
  4. helya

    LIVE Contest Pumpkin Decorating contest, October 2021

    No, it would be a Forum contest, such as this, but more detailed.
  5. helya

    misty forest

    Sorry guys, I'm not supposed to give you spoilers, but it's just like last year, with the Royal Prize Pass added as well as one other new feature.
  6. helya

    New Game Features QoL improvements for Notifications tab

    I don't think either of these 2 things have been suggested, although many other notification changes have. I believe there is already some adjustments to the notifications being worked on, but I'll check.
  7. helya

    Other Holiday avatars

    I dare you.
  8. helya

    Hello Greetings

    Welcome to the Forum!
  9. helya

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    it's hard to drag myself all the way over here to moderate because you all keep feeding me so many sweets. Don't make me work so hard. Soon I'm going to have to roll on over.
  10. helya

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @Dew Spinner and @SoggyShorts please drop it, argue in a PM if you need to, otherwise please get yourselves back on track.
  11. helya

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    Well naturally that's why I stay
  12. helya

    Considering Allow people to see what kind of streets they have.

    This suggestion was one of the 3 voted for to be sent on to the developers.
  13. helya

    Open Diamond Confirmation not working with Troops or MA

    This speaks to me... you're welcome. Don't mind me while I work on some chocolate.
  14. helya

    Voting Fellowship Adventure Badges Placed Report

    poll is open, vote away.
  15. helya

    Hello Howdy y'all! I'm from the Texas branch of Elvenar.

    Welcome to the Forum!
  16. helya

    Hello Greetings

    Welcome to the forum!
  17. helya

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    I love all of you too. Seriously, I'm here to advocate for the US community. I take the feedback here seriously, I also watch tickets/social media groups/ chat rooms pretty closely to stay in the loop. I make sure the things that seem to be the most important to US players are brought up to...
  18. helya

    Hide building

    probably eventually
  19. helya

    Open Diamond Confirmation not working with Troops or MA

    You can turn it back on in the settings at any time. There is a confirmation for these 2 actions, so @Erivan check your settings to make sure you haven't turned it off accidentally.
  20. helya

    My posts keep getting deleted?

    I thought General Goofiness and Major Annoyance were distant relatives. My bad. :p