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Search results

  1. Phoenix Rising ll

    Looking for a really nice and very active players to join us knuckleheads. Come join us and bring your singing voice
  2. The New Kingdom

    We are removing players who have decided not too play anymore. We are looking for FUN, ACTIVE, players. Want to play with a no pressure fellowship that laughs a lot? That us!!! Come have fun building and making friends
  3. The New Kingdom

    Ok we are still waiting for you!!!! No pressure fellowship. Just fun building all we ask is 3 visits a week ( of course we prefer more ) and fair trades
  4. The New Kingdom

    Fellowship Adventure starting tomorrow come join a FUN group
  5. The New Kingdom

    Still waiting for that far out groovy person!!!‍ Free Bud-Lite when you join us. Come sing some mind blowing songs with us!!! Like, All the leaves are brown, leaves are brown and the sky is gray
  6. The New Kingdom

    Looking for a FUN Active player. Easy going groovy group of players sharing information on helping each other with trades and visits. We even sing songs . Come have fun while you build. Simple rules 3 visits a week, fair trades. Maybe gain a new group of friends Ty King of the World Dilly Dilly
  7. The New Kingdom

    We still need 1 great person
  8. The New Kingdom

    Fellowship Adventure starting Thursday come join us!!! We need 2 players
  9. B.Y.O. Dragon

    Okay!!! Were is that serious, fun, active player
  10. The New Kingdom

    o_Oo_OStill looking for 2 fun active players!!! Are You Out There?
  11. Phoenix Rising ll

    Fun, fun building, fun chatting, fun friends, fun playing
  12. B.Y.O. Dragon

    We hope you have a dragon that is potty trained
  13. The New Kingdom

    We need 2 great people
  14. Phoenix Rising ll

    Well Hello there!!! Are you looking for a fellowship were you can just play and relax while having FUN? Well that would be us!!! We have some simple rules, visits to everyone in the fellowship 4 times a week ( we prefer more) and fair trades and ce friendly. Pretty simple. We love helping each...
  15. The New Kingdom

    Ok ✅ trying this another way. We have been cleaning out all the dead wood in our fellowship. We want FUN, active, friendly people who love ❤️ this game as we do!!! Rules are simple, visits 3 times a week, ( we prefer more ) fair trades NO DRAMA, visits to every player. Chatty is a option. We...
  16. B.Y.O. Dragon

    Are you a Dragon master? Do you want to have FUN playing? Are you a active player? Then we want you!!! We have simple rules, 4 visits a week, ( we prefer more ) be friendly, NO DRAMA, chatty is good, and fair trades. This sounds good to you then just apply or contact me Ty King of the World...
  17. The New Kingdom

    Ok we offer free Bud-Lite , fun, singing, teasing, helping with everything from trades to information!!! Easy rules of visiting everyone at least 3 times a week and fair trades!!! What more can you ask for? Come have the time of your life playing this wonderful game!!!! TY King of the World...
  18. The New Kingdom

    Still waiting, King tapping his foot
  19. The New Kingdom

    Were waiting!!! Hurry up will ya? LoL see ya soon, I mean NOW
  20. The New Kingdom

    We have a new opening for a FRIENDLY, ACTIVE player were the only TRUE rules are NO DRAMA, 3 Visits a week to ALL players and fair trades