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Search results

  1. Help Lost Troops

    Hey, I've been recruiting more troops in my barracks because I've lost a lot, but for some reason, I keep losing troops. I dont even use them anymore since I negotiate costs, but the numbers keep going lower and lower. Not sure what to do. Please help.
  2. 9/11

    Hey, can we all appreciate the sacrifice of the firefighters, police officers, and all medical staff for their service on this attack? My uncle was a firefighter who died in the attack while trying to save lives. I also have a cousin who was in the Pentagon when it got hit, but was on the other...
  3. Beginners Questions

    As many may know. I am Elements from TW2. I have just discovered and downloaded this game and am liking it so far. But it is very different from TW2 and could use some pointers on how to play and/or some features of the game. For instance... I am used to the worlds closing after an endgame is...
  4. Hello Everyone!

    Hi! My name is DipDude. I played TW2 on the EN server, but got bored with that and came here. I also have a US TW2 account (although I prefer to remain anonymous). This is my first ti.e playing Elvenar and any pointers would be much appreciated. Nice to meet you all and I look forward to playing...