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Search results

  1. Rocce Sqirl

    Complete 1 Boosted Manufactory upgrade to level 11 or higher

    So I upgraded my Bismuth manufactory (which is also a Gems manufactory) to Level 26. Bismuth is my boosted T3 sentient good. Why don't I get credit for completing the quest? :( I don't need to upgrade the basic goods factories. I've got millions of those goods. Literally millions. I need to...
  2. Rocce Sqirl

    Too many Spell Fragments in the Spire

    What is really dissuading me from doing the Spire lately is there are too many encounters where Spell Fragments is the highest percentage prize. I have 132,000 Spell Fragments right now (nearly all of them won in the Spire), plus dozens of useless items in inventory I can disenchant for more. I...
  3. Rocce Sqirl

    Spire menu

    When in the Spire, it would be nice if the menu at the top of the screen slowed coins, supplies, goods and resources as well as diamonds. It would be very useful to have that information when beginning an encounter instead of having to leave the spire to go find that out. I may well have had...
  4. Rocce Sqirl

    Planned "Do them all" feature

    I really like that you've added the "do them all" feature we've had in Workshops to Factories now. it's even in my chapter buildings. Yay! :D But you missed one. Could you add it also to Armories? :rolleyes:
  5. Rocce Sqirl

    Bad planning for daily quests in Events

    This bugs me. As I write this (1 am Saturday morning Central Daylight Time): • The Tournament has 14 hours to go, ending at 3 pm Saturday • The next daily quest in the Phoenix Cult event becomes available at 7 pm Saturday • The next daily quest demands 6 Tournament Encounters (or 6 regular; I'd...
  6. Rocce Sqirl

    Fix buttons under "Place Offer"

    In the trader, the “OK” box (after you “confirm”) needs a Cancel option. I just posted a trade, offering 2100 Bismuth for 3000 Ink, intending a 3-star trade. When I clicked “Confirm” the Ink “corrected” to 3150 in the OK box, making it a 2-star trade. At that point the only possible option is...
  7. Rocce Sqirl

    Bracelets in the FA

    Dear Inno: Your revised Golden Bracelet badge is unfair in the extreme. What should be the easiest of the badges made in factories has become the hardest. Before, in Version E and earlier of the Fellowship Adventure, the Bracelet required a 9-hour build from one-each of the three Tier-1...
  8. Rocce Sqirl

    Check calendar before setting event quests

    It would be a good idea, Inno, if before setting up Event quests you'd check the calendar. Twice this time, in the Daily Quests, you have set a quest to happen on a day when it is not possible. #25, "Solve 10 Tournament Encounters," was on Dec. 27, a Sunday when the Tournment was not in play...
  9. Rocce Sqirl

    Helping an Ancient Wonder

    I've gotta say, one of the most frustrating things about this game is getting a message that says I've helped an Ancient Wonder and here's your reward. And My question is: Who's AW? And which one? Why can't the message say that? Why can't it say, "You've helped Beetlebaum's Golden Abyss" or...
  10. Rocce Sqirl

    Autumn Zodiac: Daily Exclusive prize insufficient, unworthy

    Today’s (Day 11) Daily Exclusive prize in the Autumn Zodiac event is just wonky. To the extent I choose not even to try for it. I’ll wait to see what tomorrow brings. The prize is one 10 Ancient Knowledge. The Daily Exclusive is always the hardest prize to get, the lowest percentage chance, so...
  11. Rocce Sqirl

    Need more ways to make Vision Vapor

    There needs to be more than one way to make Vision Vapor. Right now it is made only in the Magic Academy, of which there is only one. And then to do that, first one must make spell fragments and Combining Catalyst, sometimes other things like blueprints. And then it takes 3-4 hours to make, in...
  12. Rocce Sqirl

    Desktop junk

    This morning I find on my computer's desktop an Elvenar HTML file, an Elvenar folder with four downloads and a file named "css" in it, and a debug log. What's up with this? And can I just delete them all?
  13. Rocce Sqirl

    Workshop checkbox

    Just noticed the Workshop menu has a new little checkbox at the top -- makes all items of the same type (e.g. all workshops, level doesn't matter) do the same task (e.g. 3-hour builds). One click, all 12 of my workshops go to work. LOVE IT! :D Now, do the same for factories! Maybe Armories too...
  14. Rocce Sqirl

    24/48-hr quest tasks (new mode) should get double/triple rewards

    I’m sitting here waiting for a 48-hr task to complete so I can move on in the quest. Seems to me that in this mode of quest, when you get handed a 48-hr task you ought to get triple corals (or whatever the bonus is). A 24-hr should reward double. Because the fact is you cannot play the quest at...
  15. Rocce Sqirl

    FA Revisions were excellent! Couple of small tweaks...

    First, the revised method of acquiring the FA items was excellent! The tedious drudgery of clicking through all the icons is no more. Huzzahs to Inno! 1. At the top of the pop-up menu that shows all the items to be claimed is one of those little tri-color thingys. It would be nice if that could...
  16. Rocce Sqirl

    I HATE HTML5!!!

    I DON'T LIKE THIS NEW HTML5! Now every time I want to view someone else's city -- like when doing help rounds -- I have to wait for that damn time bar to fill. Yeah, it only takes about 3 seconds, but multiply that by 25-50 times or more doing neighborly help rounds and it becomes a major...
  17. Rocce Sqirl

    I HATE HTML5!!!

    I DON'T LIKE THIS NEW HTML5! Now every time I want to view someone else's city -- like when doing help rounds -- I have to wait for that damn time bar to fill. Yeah, it only takes about 3 seconds, but multiply that by 25-50 times or more doing neighborly help rounds and it becomes a major...
  18. Rocce Sqirl

    Spaced out

    Game version: v1.54.3-(3b5159bdd) Game world: Khelonaar Browser + version: Chrome v.66.0.3359.181 Flash Player version: Operating System: Windows 10 Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 Account name: Rocce Sqirl Humans or Elves: Elf Reproducibility: 5/5 Current situation: In the message...
  19. Rocce Sqirl

    Too Soon!!

    We're not even 2 days from the end of the last Fellowship Adventure and already I'm hearing chatter about the next one is in in Beta??? It's too soon!!! Doing a FA takes a lot of coordination among FS members, and much of one's own game gets put on the back burner. Give us a while to catch up...
  20. Rocce Sqirl

    A really fun Adventure

    I wanted to send the trolls at Inno an Attaboy for a really fun Adventure, just completed. First of all, in the previous adventure there were these waypoints that demanded raw goods, relics and orcs -- all of them terrible innovations. Many players said so, and Inno heard them, deleted them...