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Search results

  1. CanDaMan

    New Game Features New Fellowship Titles

    I think that the 'Archmage' title should be relegated to a normal status, giving an Arch-mage additional leverage in determining status. Perhaps a 'Fellowship Mage' title would be apropriate for the ex-'Archmage'.
  2. CanDaMan

    User Interface Messaging Addition for PC (edited)

    As most fellowships have KP swap threads, I think that when you want to give KP to the next person, you should be able to click the name and be able to go to their AW screen. As it is now, I have to go to messages, find out who is next, post that you gave KP, close messaging, get to the...
  3. CanDaMan

    Already merged, sorry.

    We have 4 (or possibly more, from lost players). We don't require much, just have fun! We welcome new players, so give us a ring!
  4. CanDaMan

    Does Inno limit crafting items?

    I no longer get certain crafting items, I used to get them (and crafted them) all the time, now it's - never. It would be just like them to limit WHATEVER we are trying to do, but I was looking for some confirmation.
  5. CanDaMan

    Increased Battle Losses

    Has anyone else noticed (hard not to) the increased losses for fighting (everywhere)? Are they putting the 'squeeze' on fighters?
  6. CanDaMan

    No pressure fellowship (Unwatched)

    Peaceful Haven seeks several members to join our laid back fellowship. Don't be mistaken, we are active, but don't require it in the least. If you want help, ask away! We will help newer members a lot! We message and chat frequently, so a lot of info is freely exchanged. We are a friendly...
  7. CanDaMan

    Stopping Scouts

    Is there a way to stop/cancel a scout. I scouted the wrong province and want a do-over!
  8. CanDaMan

    Random thoughts

    I wonder, if in future upgrades of units, adding 1 square of movement in heavy melee units would be good. I.E. 'Quicker Paladin".
  9. CanDaMan

    Peaceful Haven seeks several members.

    We are an active fellowship in Spire, Tournament, and FA. However, there is no pressure to play, it's YOUR choice. We are pretty laid back, and would like to let players of 100,000 or so of score join us, but that's not a firm number (hey, we would LIKE 500,000!) Check out our fellowship, and...
  10. CanDaMan

    Active Fellowship seeks 2

    Peaceful Haven is an active, but forgiving fellowship. Marble Chrystal, or Elixir would be good, as well as +2-300,000 score. We are not Die-Hards, but are pretty active in play, and on chat, we have fun!
  11. CanDaMan

    Fixed A Float of Bubbles - Double Negative

    The description of the building contain a double negative. The last sentence: " No one in the audience is not amazed" is an English grammar mistake. It should be changed to "Everyone in the audience is amazed".
  12. CanDaMan

    7-8 players seeking to merge (Already have merged, sorry!)

    Please see my post in 'Fellowships seeking members'. 7 - 8 active members is quite a few, but if you have slots you can open with in-actives, let me know. I posted in both forums, because well, a merger really is both! EDIT: We have merged with Peaceful Haven.
  13. CanDaMan

    Anyone seeking a merge of sorts? (Found one)

    We have 7 active members in this fellowship, and would like to merge into another. We don't currently have a ton of rules, and would like to keep it that way, but negotiations are what they are. We sorely want to get in with some active players, our arch mages ( current & former) aren't even...
  14. CanDaMan

    Time Instants to buy KP

    Well, the title says it all, lol! For those that don't get it: an 8 hour instant buys 8 KP, 1 hour buys 1 KP. Less than an hour takes that much time off of the 'clock'.
  15. CanDaMan

    Level 15

    I have the Council Hall at level 4, and maxed out the others. I seem 'stuck' and can"t figure a way forward.
  16. CanDaMan

    Goodbye everyone

    I'm in the last chapter, and I am seeing gross requests for goods (among other things), and I will refuse to try to get a gigantic amount of goods that degenerate over time, it's not possible without spending $5000 on diamonds! For a game that says that you don't have to buy diamonds to play...
  17. CanDaMan

    Are you kidding me!

    I'm in the last chapter, and they want 375K of a sentient good for 1 (one) tech. I carry (avg.) 50K of each good, I don't even believe it is possible for me to get 375K of any Sentient good! If it didn't erode it might be possible, but I'm not even going to try to get that! I think we're done...
  18. CanDaMan

    Outer ring changed from very easy to easy after my last scout.

    How come, did something lower my squad size?
  19. CanDaMan

    Tournament progress not correct.

    It seems to have 'shorted' us 600 points at the time of the picture. However, other players have added to the tournament and it always shows 600 points short. We are the Midnight Angels on US3.