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Search results

  1. Gladiola

    Dwarves Chapter: Portal First?

    After playing since March, I've made my meandering way to the beginning of the Dwarves chapter. (And you thought I would never get here!) I consulted elvengems, which is a great resource. In terms of upgrading settlement buildings, Gems' advice is "UPGRADE PORTAL OR MINES, FIRST? Portal first."...
  2. Gladiola

    Tiny Chapter 2 City with Double Spiral

    I am intrigued by the double spiral design but have had a hard time meshing it with my fondness for tiny cities. I've come up with a design that is the beginning of a double spiral with a 3x3 expansion grid. Am I missing anything? @SoggyShorts I remembered the workshops this time...
  3. Gladiola

    Elvarian Games Announcement?

    I have the Elvarian Games announcement in my city, with a link to a Facebook video, but no indication of when they start. Does everyone have this?
  4. Gladiola

    Really Tired of Loading Problems

    I've gotten multiple server errors today. Also the world map completely fails to load. It gets to 75% and then won't load. I have submitted tickets. I have sent pictures of my network screen. I can't play an important part of the game without the world map. I'm playing with the Chrome browser...
  5. Gladiola

    Seeking A Fellowship For the End of the World ...

    Or just the fellowship adventure is fine! I have been playing on Arendyll for about 4 months and have recently started a city on Winyandor. It's in chapter 1 but will hit chapter 2 tomorrow. My eventual goal is to get 2k plus tournament points and top of the spire, but I expect it will take 8-9...
  6. Gladiola

    City Planning for Chapter 5 Elf

    I'm putting this here as a placeholder because it's getting late, although if anyone wants to play around with my future city, have at it. All the buildings I really must have are in the city. I'd also love to be able to fit in a Martial Monastery and/or Golden Abyss. I think I could substitute...
  7. Gladiola

    Un"bear"able Spire Prizes

    I just finished my first climb of the Spire with the bear artifacts available. Alas, my hunt was in vain, as I did not bag a single bear. How are other people faring?
  8. Gladiola

    Crafting: Limit Stonehenge Evolutions in Magic Academy Based on Those in Inventory or Placed in City

    Stonehenge Artifacts are now going to be a permanent part of the crafting rotation. This will cause some people to rejoice. Others of us will say "meh" because even one Stonehenge is too many OR because we already have a fully evolved Stonehenge. I would like to propose that for any evolving...
  9. Gladiola

    Functional Chapter 1 City With 7 Expansions

    I started a city on Beta to experiment with the new event. As people may have noticed, I'm a little obsessive about trying to get as much function as possible in a small space. I decided for my Beta city to try to incorporate all the basic functions of a city: goods, trade, military, and magic...
  10. Gladiola

    Help City Planning Chapter 2 Elf -- Planks/Silk Boost

    I'm trying to optimize my chapter 2 elf city, and this is what I have so far. There is wasted space and probably a very clever arrangement I'm not seeing. Any ideas? @Kazaaar and @samidodamage and @SoggyShorts I'm looking at you...
  11. Gladiola

    City Planning -- Chapter 1 Elf, Planks Boost

    Now that I've started a second city with a planks/silk/gems boost, I thought I'd share for discussion my chapter 1 city plan. Here's what I've got so far: https://www.elvenarchitect.com/city/planner/4664685b237c4a8789163b6ca2eb1f09/ Comments? Ideas? Suggestions?
  12. Gladiola

    Looking for a Home for Red-Headed Stepsister

    In order to experience life with different boosts, I recently began a city that has plank, silk and gems boosts. There is not room for her in my current fellowship. This city will not grow ultra rapidly, but I'll play every day and tourney (and Spire when able) above my weight in points...
  13. Gladiola

    Help City Planning for Chapter 4 Elf

    It's going to happen! I'm going to enter chapter 4 any day now (or at any rate, within a week I think). So I'm planning out my new city. I plan to add 4 expansions, to move my city from its current 4x4 configuration to a 4x5 configuration. I would like input on my plans, as I'm sure there are...
  14. Gladiola

    Knowledge Points for Advanced Scouts Research?

    I am about to enter chapter 4. I have one research bar filled but not completed (I'm waiting for a Research a Technology quest). I have 45 of 50 provinces completed to unlock the chest. I can see what resources I will need to complete the Advanced Scouts research. However, I can't see (or I am...
  15. Gladiola

    Fixed Stash Outpost Offer Causes Streaming Error

    I got the stash outpost offer today for the Fairy Queen event. Ever since, I keep getting stream errors. I tried clearing my browser cache, refreshing, and turning my computer on and off and it's still happening. I'm playing via the Chrome browser on a Chromebook with the latest Chrome install...
  16. Gladiola

    Mystical Object Alternative Prizes

    After all those arcane residues for the FA, I was able to open a mystical object. Yay! Only I got a mana sawmill. In chapter 3. This booby prize will give me barely any culture and a handful of supplies. And isn't even worth much when converted to spell fragments! The game is able to...
  17. Gladiola

    Something weird with ElvenArchitect?

    I was looking at another player's city on Elvenarchitect today, and as a marble-crystal-elixir boosted player myself I noticed something that seems weird. Do these marble factories look like they're the right sizes? https://www.elvenarchitect.com/city/planner/39108e051ed54169922a421ca91ff478/
  18. Gladiola

    How is a Traveling Merchant Related to the Fellowship Adventure?

    I saw a comment a while back, I think on the beta forum, that prior to a Fellowship Adventure, Traveling Merchants begin showing up in the Magic Academy crafting menu. Sure enough, so far today I've been offered Traveling Merchants 3 times across two cities. What is the relationship between...
  19. Gladiola

    Pros and Cons of Magic Residences

    When magic residences went on sale recently, I was tempted to buy one. I haven't purchased diamonds yet, but for some reason the game was nice enough to give me 700 diamonds about a week after I started playing. I don't know why. I used most of them to upgrade my magic academy to level 4, but I...
  20. Gladiola

    City Planning for a Chapter 3 Elf

    It's me again, with another newb question. As you may have heard (because I have been talking about it everywhere), I have just entered chapter 3, Elvenar's version of toddlerhood. Everything is changing all at once, and my city is set for a growth spurt. I'm interested in input on how to plan...