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Search results

  1. Hazeltown - Will I Ever Need It?

    I'm thinking about using a Teleport to move my Hazeltown back into Summoned Buildings (to make room for a Gem Manufactory). I'm curious, when will I actually need it? I had kind of thought the witch might need, you know, the whole magic thing that's going on
  2. Spire Battle I Can't Win - Any Suggestions?

    I'm in the Spire of Eternity, and I'm confronted with a battle I can't win. It's a 2-Wave battle, that's what gets me. I've tried several different attacks but I don't have enough left for the 2nd Wave to defeat them. I'll include some screenshots, does anyone have some technique I can try?
  3. I'm in The Misty Forest - Now What???

    I bought a Lantern, I tapped it on the screen, nothing is happening. I don't see anything else to tap...
  4. Spire Of Eternity - Any 'Convince' Suggestions?

    I can get so far up the Spire Of Eternity with my fighters, but really the only way to get to the top is to Convince the spirits to let me go by. But the one time I nearly made it to the top I had to spend so much Diamonds, which was a waste since I had to wait 7 hours for that shield to drop...
  5. Moonstone Library

    I apologize if there is already a thread on this. I did a Search but all I found was name dropping. I've been reading how important the Moonstone Library is, so I nabbed 3 pieces when they showed up in Magic Academy. How many pieces complete the Moonstone Library, and how do I know how they...
  6. Grounds Of The Orc Strategist & Orcs Nest - Show Me Yours!

    I recently saw the Grounds Of The Orc Strategist and Orcs Nest in the Magic Academy and just HAD to have them! lol Now I don't plan on putting them up soon, but I was hoping for some setup inspiration for when I do. Please, post screenshots of the placement of your Grounds Of The Orc...
  7. Training Grounds Upgrade?

    Dumb question here. So I was thinking about Upgrading my Training Grounds, but it seems I have to Research it first before more Upgrades. So I head to my trusty Research Tree. And I scroll. And I scroll. And I scroll. And I... I slowly scrolled through at least 10 Chapters, but I'm not seeing...
  8. Workshops

    What is the best number of Workshops to have? I recently made the decision to build a few more, do far I added one, I might add 3 more if it turns out I won't have too many...
  9. Who Likes The Traveling Merchant Buildings?

    I had mentioned I had the Traveling Merchant III in another post, and I got 4 or 5 negative responses to them. I now have Traveling Merchant I as well and I think they're pretty awesome. My Marble and Steel Manufactory Buildings produce far less product then the Traveling Merchants. Is there...
  10. Marble Manufactory

    I've gotten the Traveling Merchant I which makes me larger amounts of Marble or Steel. I was thinking about getting rid of the Marble Manufactory Buildings (and MAYBE the Steel Manufactory Buildings as well) I have. Is there any reason I should keep them? Do having them figure in later in the...
  11. Lots Of Summoned Buildings, But...

    Since the Autumn Zodiac Event started, I've picked up a lot of interesting Summoned Buildings. I've put up 2 Dojos, an Ancient Pond Statue, the Red Panda Master, a Polar Bear. I have other Summoned Buildings I want to put up. One is the Traveling Merchant III and soon I'll have the Gingerbread...
  12. Fellowship Chat Glitch

    Does anyone else have issues with their Fellowship Chat? 99% of the time I get notified there's a message but when I go there is no new messages.
  13. "The Test" Fight & Win An Encounter

    I'm on the Quest "The Test" where I'm told to Fight & win an Encounter. My squadsize can't beat the enemy squadsize! But I keep reading you CAN beat a bigger squadsize. But how??? I read the Elvenar Forums but it's all Greek to me! Can someone explain in a simple way how it's possible to beat...
  14. Keep Or Discard?

    Now that I'm in the Iron Era for some time now, I've been mulling over what Bronze Era businesses to discard to make room for the present era. I had ditched the Pottery shop but brought it back when I realized certain businesses won't thrive in my area without the resources. I have the Fruit and...
  15. Forum Trophies

    I have two Forum Trophies. Should I be taking them seriously? :P Do they have any actual value on Forge Of Empires or are they just in fun?
  16. Incident Locations

    I've noticed all Incidents have appeared from South-west to South-east of my town, never North-west to North-east. Has anyone found any Incidents up in the heavier woods and hilly terrain or can I avoid searching up there?
  17. Ancient Runes

    I just recently opened Ancient Runes, and when I went to add one to my town I saw it was so teeny!!! :P The Info makes it sound important so why so small? Does anyone know?