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Search results

  1. Handgrenade

    threatening other fellowship members

    How did he threaten you? If he is new there is not much he can do. If he is Archmage, mage or whatever he can boot players. However i i think it is best to always use the privat message system to address bad behavior. Doing it publicly is never a good thing. You can also CC the Archmage so that...
  2. Handgrenade

    Convenient AW Access

    I think this is already an option for PC players. Hopefully it makes its way to mobile. It would be nice
  3. Handgrenade

    Sentence Game

    Time to take tiny trimers to the talor to trim the toungsmiths tattered trousers.
  4. Handgrenade

    ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    Yes this is not FOE. However they are the same company and should be able to help if they asked. But it isnt about "its their game they do what they want" mentality. Its more of an easy fix for a game that should already be there. Games like Last Shelter Survival had it also, they would fix...
  5. Handgrenade

    Unfair Trades

    Why wouldn't you just ask for the goods back if you took one on accident? I notice that you said when you were AM you gave 1 warning and they were gone. You need to help your team if you can to get them going. Nobody really posts bad trades later in the game, like past chapter 5. Had you been...
  6. Handgrenade

    Spire of Eternity "Bug" fix

    The catalyst and time boosts are good, i agree. But the magic buildings come from the first and second boss. But to say the spire rewards are better than the tournament is a streatch. I think tournaments giving you 20 relics, and the runeshards plus all the KP have been overlooked by you since...
  7. Handgrenade

    ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    Sorry i have not noticed that at all. Try clearing your game cache and you will most likely not have that issue.
  8. Handgrenade

    ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    Trust that i have in my short time playing payed for that S-Pen update. They can easily fix it, forge of empires has my S-pen working without any issues. The thing is its a mobile game and the developers should input the code. Easy as copy/paste. I however could cheat if i wanted to without much...
  9. Handgrenade

    ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    The list drops down. Scroll to the bottom trade of the player and it wont happen until the trades run out.
  10. Handgrenade

    Unfair Trades

    You guessed it, i did just start playing not long ago. I do however still think booting a player for posting trades is crazy. Just dont take them if you dont want them there is no loss and only gain for players regardless of chapter. I would only say if you accidently accepted a bad trade from...
  11. Handgrenade


    How do you change your settings to allow movement?
  12. Handgrenade

    Spire of Eternity "Bug" fix

    There are Fellowships that already require Spire participation and level requirements. Why would a FS take on a member if they can not fill the purple bar a certain amount? If someone contributes to the progress they should get the rewards the purple bar touches. Its not like they are even that...
  13. Handgrenade

    Fellowship trades & reconstruction tool

    I think that the trader needs to have a thorough overhaul. Im completely against FS only trades for the obvious reason that it limits social interaction. This game is already very limited in that respect. 1: adjust trader ratings: Add 5 stars, 1:1 should be 3 stars. 1:1 to 1:4 = 4 *, <1:4 to...
  14. Handgrenade

    Spire of Eternity "Bug" fix

    Spire of Eternity - Fellowship rewards granted at the end of the Spire of Eternity again take the correct individual player participation into account, meaning that it is no longer possible to benefit from the progress of other players when critical milestones were not yet reached. Can anyone...
  15. Handgrenade

    ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    short answer yes. I find that the players that go hard will do just about anything to get ahead. even buy thousands of dollars worth of diamonds. these games are not exactly fair across the board. they are essentially the loan sharks of the gaming industry. if it were a store front like a bar...
  16. Handgrenade

    ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    How do they prove you have a bot? Easy solution, spend money and never get banned for anything. Especially when its hard to prove if not impossible.
  17. Handgrenade

    ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    I have a perfect solution. Review all the trades listed. This will tell you whats being offered. If you give away alot of goods on accident oh well, you just helped a player grow faster and soon that " bad" trader has enough to do good trades. I think that the best solution would be to have tabs...
  18. Handgrenade

    What's being worked upon?

    I think this would be a great idea, however it is probably 20 feet under the hopper already lol. I have noticed in the short time i have been playing that these developers really dont care much for their player base. It is honestly sad, i have submittes many suggestions and issues that bother...
  19. Handgrenade

    Ancient wonders

    Why keep them at lv 1? Is there a strategy im missing here, please fill me in. I am not nearly as experienced as most everyone on the forums. I started playing in may. I read up on alot of the wonders in game as well as the gems comparisons. The TOS i see as filling a supplies gap early on. But...
  20. Handgrenade

    Optional building that collects and stores Event currency so they aren't scattered around the map

    Thanks for the tip ;) I would rather have the 16 grid squares for an event building and not something like that. I think we could put our heads together and come up with something better to have the developers work on. Like a realm chat, or a Fellowship adventure that awards a building that is...