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Search results

  1. High Pressure, Lots of Demands, Anal Arch Mage!

    Just kidding! Party in the Lounge is looking for 5 members who are very active, especially with the Tournament. We would love for you to be boosted in planks, scrolls and/or elixer but would rather have a gung ho player and not worry about the goods! Minimums are pretty simple: 5 stars/chapter...
  2. Looking for 6 HIGHLY ACTIVE mates

    Snowy, we are happy to have you! Thanks for becoming a part of our team!
  3. High Rivendell seeking active players

    I would like to join but can't until tomorrow since I was an idiot and forgot that if you join/create an FS you can't join another one. I LOVE tournaments and FAs. I will play as hard as I can in spire. I am small but mighty. I love to chat, share tips, etc.
  4. Looking for 6 HIGHLY ACTIVE mates

    Party in the Lounge is looking for approximately 6 HIGHLY active members for our crew. We want players of any size who can and will play all aspects of the game. We want to be a 10 chest tournament team and we are SO CLOSE! The rest will come. If you want to be a part of a 10 chest team and...
  5. How does perks reset work?

    Unless some mage went rogue and caught all the perk points and assigned them to the kp perk or whatever WHY WOULD ANYONE EVER RESET THE PERKS? Yes, they get more expensive but they also have more power. They can be used over and over and over again. I don't understand the reset unless it is...
  6. Looking for fellowship

    Did you find a FS that you are happy with? We have room for 2 more members in Party in the Lounge!
  7. The Party has started

    We are only 2 players away from a full roster. We are seeking self-motived and highly active players who enjoy participating in all parts of the game; tournament, spire, FAs, neighbor help, trading etc. Come join the party!
  8. ⚞ A Fellow Druid's Staff ⚟

    Sorry. Wasn't trying to interfere.
  9. ⚞ A Fellow Druid's Staff ⚟

    It actually looks like you have room for 13 members if you boot the inactive ones. Our FS, Party in the Lounge, needs TWO highly active players to round out our roster if you and player9999 want to jump ship and come aboard for the party. :)
  10. Party in the Lounge

    We have 2 spots available for highly active players of ANY level. There are no requirements but we would expect that active players participate in all aspects of the game including tournaments, spire, FAs, neighbor help, trading and AW swaps. We are barely a month old and only missed the 10th...
  11. Kingdom of Dilly Dilly

    When you fill your spot, send the rest my way!
  12. Spot for one!

    Party in the Lounge has room for ONE player. We are looking for ACTIVE go getters who LOVE to win! We were established about a month ago and have gone from 2 chests to 9 chests in the tournament. We got our first bronze spire medal last week and we finished the last FA in the top 200 and we only...
  13. Looking for an active 10 chest fellowship

    I started my own about a month ago. We are nearly to chest 10 on this tourney and I am really happy with my crew. Let me know if you want to join us!
  14. Discussion 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    The rewards suck. The "tome of opulence" is weak. I thought I got all 3 but nope...only get to pick one of the prizes. The amount of work we have to do to complete these events is NOT in line with the amount of time and resources spent on said events. I WAS going to play in the live worlds but...
  15. The Party has started

    only 4 spots left
  16. The Party has started

    We are up to 19 members, made it to the pit in our first FA and got 2 more chests this tournament than last. Come join us!
  17. Looking for active members. were 10/10 chest

    I had a similar post and it got moved by inno because THIS is a thread for MEMBERS looking for guilds not for guilds looking for members. I wonder why some are moved and others aren't
  18. The Party has started

    We are up to 15 players and need players boosted in gems, crystal and marble!
  19. Party in the Lounge is growing FAST

    We are up to 15 players! Come join us before the FA starts! We REALLY want you if you are boosted in gems, crystal and marble!
  20. Guide to Fellowship Adventures

    I know this is an old post but is there anywhere to find out HOW MUCH gold you need to collect at each chapter for the FA? Or how many troops or goods for bracelets or whatever?