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Search results

  1. Jackluyt

    How to handle loud-mouthed and aggressive players - use the 'Ignore' button

    Most of the contributors to the Forum are polite and have good manners; it is sad that a few loud-mouth know-it-alls spoil the experience for many of us - to the extent that some players have stopped coming here for that reason. Did you know that there is an 'Ignore' button that appears when you...
  2. Jackluyt

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year from Pooh and the gang at Platinum Leaf!! :) :)
  3. Jackluyt

    Wanted: High-level Spire & Tournament players

    We have lost a few high-score senior players to real life recently, and are looking for enthusiastic players replacements who can boost our usually-excellent performance in Spire, Tournaments - and FA too! This is a relaxed friendly group who achieve top results without bullying, bossiness or...
  4. Jackluyt

    Artifact Fragments

    Artifact Fragments I believe there is an unhappy defect in the current system of evolving buildings. At present one can easily make six or seven of the artifacts required to evolve an event grand prize building; another two are usually offered in an FA following immediately after the event...
  5. Jackluyt

    Platinum Leaf has a rare opening

    Platinum Leaf is one of the leading groups in US2 with an excellent track record in Tournaments, Spire and Adventures. We do not often have vacancies, because this is a stable, drama-free happy group - but sadly real life is recalling one of our players. Now is a rare chance for a top player...
  6. Jackluyt

    Fellowship Adventures

    The FA is now confirmed for Tuesday 19th January 2021. Full event information, including Spreadsheet, is here: https://tinyurl.com/yxsvyebf Time to start collecting Catalysts and Magic Manufacturing Spells! I am putting the finishing touch on the Master File with strategy hints, later today...
  7. Jackluyt

    Happy Independence Day!

    Happy Independence Day to all our USA members - may you enjoy a blessed day in the company of family and good friends! ♥♥ Please keep safe and wear a mask and observe social distancing in crowded places and indoors - and remember that fireworks freak out many pets, so keep them indoors, turn on...
  8. Jackluyt

    Covid Contest

    It would be nice to have a new contest to cheer people up in these trying times! Just a suggestion - the Competition is far down the Forum page where it is easily missed, so people - myself included - often don't know there is a contest going. The EN Forum has its Competitions right at the top...
  9. Jackluyt

    WANTED: Tournament & Adventures player!

    Platinum Leaf US2 has a vacancy. Number two in Fellowship Adventures and number four in the Tournament. Message me in-game.
  10. Jackluyt

    Wanted: Tournament and Adventures player

    We have one vacancy for a high-level player who loves playing for fun without drama!! :) :)
  11. Jackluyt

    WANTED - Tournament and Adventure player (high rank)

    This is a ten-zero fellowship - ten chest, zero drama. Join us if you are a high-ranked player who enjoys having fun!
  12. Jackluyt

    Wanted: Enthusiastic Tournament & Adventures player

    THIS TEN CHEST GROUP HAS AN UNEXPECTED OPENING This is a friendly, drama-free ten-chest group that consistently does well in Tournaments as well as Adventures. We have an unexpected vacancy, so there is a place open immediately. Contact me in-game if interested. :) :)    
  13. Jackluyt

    Slow Google Chrome?

    'Tab Discarding' in Google Chrome: A Memory-Saving Experiment Chrome recently introduced a feature that puts Browser Tabs to sleep when you leave to go elsewhere on your browser. This is damn irritating when you come back a minute later and have to struggle to wake it up again! Although this...
  14. Jackluyt

    Wanted: Enthusiastic Adventures & Tournaments player.

    THIS TEN-CHEST GROUP IS LOOKING FOR A GOOD REPLACEMENT PLAYER BEFORE THE NEXT ROUND OF ADVENTURES START, This is a friendly, zero-drama group that gets ten chests every week. We need to replace a player who has real-life issues. Contact me in-game!
  15. Jackluyt

    Ten-chest and top F.A. group seeks a good player

    THIS TEN-CHEST GROUP IS LOOKING FOR A GOOD REPLACEMENT PLAYER BEFORE THE ADVENTURES START (PROBABLY NEXT WEEK)! This is a friendly, zero-drama group that gets ten chests every week. And we came second in the last Fellowship Adventures too. We need to replace a player who has real-life issues...
  16. Jackluyt

    Wanted: Good Tournament player!

    We have an AWOL player who needs replacing This is a friendly, zero-drama group that gets ten chests every week. We also do well in Adventures. Contact me in-game if interested :-) :-)
  17. Jackluyt

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  18. Jackluyt

    Pheryll's surname

    On a lighter note - does anyone know what Pheryll's surname is? Wouldn't it be funny if it were Katz? Pheryll Katz Meeow. :) :)
  19. Jackluyt

    Wanted: one serious Tournament player

    This is a friendly group of players who take the game seriously without being fanatical, and manage to get ten chests most weeks without fuss or drama. We average 9.8 Tournament chests right now - and that is improving as stronger players join us. We have one vacancy. Apply in-game if...
  20. Jackluyt


    HERE IS A FIX TO THE PROBLEM OF THE NEW CHROME UPGRADE LOSING OUR PREFERENCE TO ALLOW FLASHPLAYER TO RUN ON OUR GAME! Thanks to Mikki Gleisner for this! * Type chrome://flags/ into the address bar of Chrome * Use search (CTRL+F) to find Ephemeral Flash Permissions * Disable that feature, it...