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Search results

  1. SoulsSilhouette

    Trinity Blood has openings

    This group is a community effort. We all try to help one another. We consult one another on just about everything to do with the game... total democracy. The only expectations are that you visit, trade and participate in as much as you can. If you play in Sinya and are looking for a soft...
  2. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebel Misfits is open for business!

    We are a good group of players and are looking for players who like a laid back atmosphere. We don't impose rules... but we do ask that you be active enough to visit and trade. If you like the tourney, that's a bonus because we are currently trying to work towards getting ten chests. We have...
  3. SoulsSilhouette

    Communication Accurate Inventory

    Why can't we have an accurate inventory that includes blueprints and royal restoration? And why in the name of all that's good and right with the world did you remove the CC's from the spell inventory?
  4. SoulsSilhouette

    Trinity Blood

    We are a small but effective fellowship looking for active members who like to participate in the events, tournaments, and the fellowship adventures. We have no point requirements. We want to help you grow as you help us grow! We are a great cooperative fellowship, please give us a look and a...
  5. SoulsSilhouette

    Trinity Blood

    We are looking for players who want to enjoy the game in all its various aspects. We chat, we trade, we visit, we participate in the FA, Tourney's, and the spire. We go further every week and we are looking for contributors! Size of city doesn't matter, new or established. We would like you...
  6. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebel and Misfits

    We are a growing fellowship of active players. We voluntarily participate in the events... tournaments, spire and FA. The only requirements are fair trades and visits. Oh, and COMMUNICATION so that we can help you grow as we grow!
  7. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebels and Misfits

    New player? Experienced player? Somewhere in between? Looking for a low pressure fellowship that does participate in all events without requirements? Then give us a try. We only ask that you communicate what you need to help your city grow, visit and trade fairly. Play your game with us!
  8. SoulsSilhouette

    The thread of Life.

    You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know when it will be too late. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  9. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebel Misfits is accepting new members

    We are a small group, always looking for a player who wants to play. There are really no rules imposed besides you COMMUNICATE your needs. There are no minimum requirements, so if you are brand new, feel free to come on in and see how you like us!
  10. SoulsSilhouette

    Why did you quit a game?

    One of the biggest obstacles in any game that relies on cooperation is player retention. So, I thought, as we are all gamers to one degree or another, maybe a discussion could be had about why we've quit other games that we've played. Maybe by examining the varying reasons people quit, we...
  11. SoulsSilhouette

    Fellowship Only Trades

    It would be great to have a way to post trades for your fellowship only. Pros: It would help newer players get the 'uneven' trades they might need. It would be great in the Fellowship Adventures when making the spell badges Cons: I can't think of any. It would be optional, so you...
  12. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebel Misfits

    We welcome all players. We just require communication and to be active. We are a small group. Even with four fellows, we finish the first two paths of the FA (we all work so time is limited) and we participate in the tourney. Come and join us. We would love to have you.
  13. SoulsSilhouette

    Trinity Blood

    Come check us out. We are a group of active, yet fun oriented players. We participate in the tourney and in the FA. No huge requirements other than to be active, communicate and have fun. We chat and generally just enjoy the game and one another. If this is for you, check us out. We'd love...
  14. SoulsSilhouette

    Closed | Archived Quest Issue in Elementals

    I have a quest that requires 5 workshops at level 28 and 20 toolboxes. It says that I have 3 level 28 workshops, but in reality, I don't. I checked the level of my workshops and they all say level 27?
  15. SoulsSilhouette

    KP thoughts

    I think that a message should be attached to the KP purchasing to let the newbies know that the KP costs NEVER reset. I also think that the KP purchase quest should have an alternate because it isn't fair to NEVER reset something and require large purchase amounts. I personally feel that...
  16. SoulsSilhouette

    Trade items, storage, and usages

    Trade items.... adding spells and instants to the trading platform would be great. Trading should include the ability to trade coins and supplies for items or even KP's. Would be a great expansion of trade even if it was confined to fellowship trading. Storage... Give more storage for the...
  17. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebel Misfits - New Cities Welcome.

    Hello to anyone looking for a fellowship. Rebel Misfits is a very small group of players. We are looking to grow and prosper, but as this game is group based, being small has hampered us a bit. As the Archmage of the group, I am looking for people who want to participate in the game. I am...
  18. SoulsSilhouette

    Rune Shards

    Way back, Inno promised more storage for rune shards. This has NEVER happened. We get them in the tourney, we get them from AW, and now we are getting them from event builds. For the love of little puppies, either put them for use in crafting ALOT more and give us a bit more storage. Or give...
  19. SoulsSilhouette

    rebel misfits recruiting

    Hi, If you are looking for a fellowship, please join. We would welcome anyone who wants to play. There are no actual requirements other than communication so that if you need something to help your city grow, we can try and provide it. At the moment we are very small, but we participate in...
  20. SoulsSilhouette

    Rebel Misfits seeking members

    Hi, I'm the archmage of Rebel Misfits. We are a very small fellowship seeking members. Any level is welcome. We want you to participate and interact within the fellowship and the game. The requirements are visits, trades and participation in tournaments and fellowship adventures. The...