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Search results

  1. MinMax Gamer

    Higher losses in recent tournaments

    There was some heated discussion about higher losses in the most recent crystal tournament, as well as in the ongoing scrolls. Some players stipulated that something has changed, and it is not usual. And what do you know? Apparently, Inno strikes again. Check out this thread on DE forums (Google...
  2. MinMax Gamer

    14 Chapters in 412 days - zero tech lock is possible!

    Alright, so I just wrapped up Constructs (courtesy of an unexpected "Buy 20 KP" quest). With that, I technically have beaten the game, at least for a short time before Chapter 15 will go live. I have started from zero in August 2018, and it did take me 412 days to complete all 14 chapters. Which...
  3. MinMax Gamer

    Crafting choices...

    ...overwhelm me. What to pick?? ;) So much for removing janky recipes...
  4. MinMax Gamer

    Pet food flood

    We talked about this before, but the flood of pet food recipes is getting ridiculous. Take a look at this: Remember, they all give the exact same item when crafted. Many people later in the game have thousands of relics - no matter the type. I wish they would reduce the frequency of each...
  5. MinMax Gamer

    Sentient Goods Cost (Elves/Moonstone)

    Hey, can anyone tell me how much in terms of seeds 3 hour marble sentient goods (moonstone) require? I believe that for L27 it takes 1,730 seeds to produce 3,520 moonstone. Can someone tell me what the numbers are for L24-L26? Or point me in the right direction? I can't seem to find this info...
  6. MinMax Gamer

    Best Chests - Event Strategy calculators

    Edit: Updated for Summer Mermaids event Another major Elvenar event – Summer Solstice – is rapidly approaching, and it is time to do some analysis of what chest opening strategy we should employ, and what rewards can we get as outcomes of that. But instead of doing analysis on some specific...
  7. MinMax Gamer

    Evolution of the Phoenix - Event Analysis

    Alright, there were a lot of discussions about how much you can expect from the current event in terms of daily and grand prizes, but I haven't seen a definitive analysis of how probable (or improbable ;) ) different reward outcomes are - given different chest-opening strategies. So I figured I...
  8. MinMax Gamer

    Unexpected Crystal tournament results

    I am running stats on my tournament fighting, and noticed something interesting. As I generally do fixed pattern each tournament (20/20/12/12/12/9), it's easy to compare results across different types. And the amounts of losses (in squads) were very consistent for each stage in the last 3...